LPI Earth and Space Science News

The LPI Earth and Space Science News is available on our website, and also through a regularly updated RSS feed. This newsletter highlights Earth and space science education workshops, grants, competitions, events, resources, and news.

Included in this issue:
Link to the Year of the Solar System, a national astronomy education conference, the launch of a mission to study Earth’s oceans and another to orbit Jupiter, and the arrival of a spacecraft at an asteroid, in Calendar
Learn about a free AAAS climate workshop, a Desert RATS Webinar, and online Seminars on Science at Workshops and Courses
Find out about a North Atlantic spring bloom webinar, Vesta Fiesta, and the ASP national conference in Events
Become a NASA Endeavor Fellow or a NASA Earth Ambassador, or participate in a new citizen science project to find new icy bodies or in an astronomy research program for teachers in Get Involved
Connect to lessons about the Earth’s surface, the interactive online California Geotour, a new Mars website, an article to address rumors and fears about Comet Elenin, a podcast about this spring’s tornados, a new NASA website for kids, and the Earth Science Week Tookits in Resources
Read about a paradigm-shattering quasar, magnetic bubbles at the edge of our Solar System, changes to our solar cycle, new observations of black holes in the early universe, the salty ocean on Enceladus, how galaxies grew in the early universe, and the relationship between recent wild weather and La Niña in Mission News and Science