Archive of PSRDpresents Slide Sets

The Archive of PSRD presents Slide Sets could be a useful supplement to textbooks for teaching the latest planetary science. Planetary Science Research Discoveries (PSRD) is an educational site sharing the latest research by NASA-sponsored scientists on meteorites, asteroids, planets, moons, and other materials in our Solar System. The website is supported by the Cosmochemistry Program of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate and by Hawai’i Space Grant Consortium and is a vital link for planetary and space sciences, and for learning how science works.
Some slide sets are:
Crystallizing the Lunar Magma Ocean
A Traveling CAI
Timeline of Martian Volcanism
Wet, Carbonaceous Asteroids: Altering Minerals, Changing Amino Acids
Mineral Abundances in Martian Soils
Supernova Confetti in Meteorites
Unraveling the Origin of the Lunar Highlands Crust
New View of Gas and Dust in the Solar Nebula
Damp Moon Rising
Formation of Stony-Iron Meteorites in Early Giant Impacts
A Younger Age for the Oldest Martian Meteorite
Asteroid, Meteor, Meteorite
Dynamics and Chemistry of Planet Construction