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MyMoon Webcast with Blaze Sanders

Join the MyMoon webcast on Thursday, October 11 at 8 pm EDT for a discussion with Blaze Sanders about space commercialization, which is estimated to become about a one TRILLION dollar industry by 2020. He’ll showcase the progress of the Google LunarX Team JURBAN and will discuss the unique technical aspects of building a lunar robot, the commercial need JURBAN is trying to fulfill, and some of the political concerns related to the competition.

Blaze Sanders works as the Technical Program Manager for the Google LunarX Team JURBAN, as an electrical engineer at NASA Marshall Space Center, and as CEO/CTO of Solar System Express (Sol-X).


Several e-books are available on the LPI library webpage, including:

Lunar Stratigraphy and Sedimentology (1976) by John Lindsay
Planetary Science: A Lunar Perspective (1982) by Stuart Ross Taylor
Origin of the Moon (1986) edited by W. K. Hartmann, R. J. Phillips and G. J. Taylor
Traces of Catastrophe (1998) by Bevan French
Guidebook to the Geology of Barringer Meteor Crater, Arizona (a.k.a. Meteor Crater) (2007) by David Kring


The latest issue of Horizons, the bimonthly publication of the Houston Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is available online. Articles in this issue include:

Europe’s First Lunar Lander by 2018
Man Will Conquer Space Soon! Collier’s, March 22, 1952, the First Articles
The Collier’s Series Backstory, Dr. Albert A. Jackson, IV

Earlier issues are also available online.

Live Video Webcast with Barbara Wong

Join the MyMoon webcast on Wednesday, September 26 at 8 pm EDT for a discussion with Barbara Wong about the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival on September 30th. This celebration has a history of over 3,000 years, dating back to the moon worship in ancient times. The festival is celebrated extensively across the country and is one of the few reunion holidays for Chinese families. On that day, Chinese families gather, admiring the full moon and eating mooncakes.

Barbara Wong is a professional storyteller who shares her love of story with audiences of all ages in libraries, schools, museums, and at festivals and other special events. Now a resident of Los Angeles, Barbara regularly shares her multicultural tales with family audiences throughout southern California, including Chinatown’s Chinese New Year and Moon Festival celebrations.


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