Naming the New NASA Science and Exploration Institute

The NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) is in the process of expanding to include other destinations beyond the Moon, stemming from NASA’s Flexible Path strategy for human exploration. The new Institute’s scope will include science and exploration research efforts focusing on solar system destinations for human exploration.

NASA is seeking input from the broad community for a name for the new Institute, reflective of its broader scope. The name (or acronym, if appropriate) should be brief, easily recognizable and include NASA as part of the name. The name should not have a trademark or copyright. Additionally, it should not have any significant similarity in spelling or sound to an existing product or organization name, such that it would cause confusion.

Official rules are listed and suggestions can be submitted online. Suggestions for the new name of the NASA Lunar Science Institute must be submitted no later than midnight PST November 9, 2012. Announcement of the new Institute name is anticipated in early 2013.