NASA Open Data Project

TheĀ Open Data Project is part of the NASA Open Government Initiative and is intended to improve access to NASA data. This data catalog is a continually-growing listing of publicly available NASA datasets. These datasets have been grouped into nine broad categories: aeronautics, earth science, space science, life science, climate, engineering, operations, institutional, and external NASA catalogs.

TheĀ Lunar Sample Atlas has been added to the Open Data Project catalog. The Lunar Sample Atlas provides pictures of the Apollo samples taken in the Lunar Sample Laboratory, full-color views of the samples in microscopic thin-sections, cutting views and diagrams that illustrate how the samples were subdivided for scientific analyses, and in situ views of the samples on the lunar surface. The atlas contains information about the type of sample (e.g., rock, soil), the lithology (e.g., basalt, norite), and a description of the sample.