NASA Exoplanet Archive

The NASA Exoplanet Archive is an online astronomical exoplanet and stellar catalog and data service that collates and cross-correlates astronomical data and information on exoplanets and their host stars and provides tools to work with these data. The Exoplanet Archive is dedicated to collecting and serving important public data sets involved in the search for and characterization of extrasolar planets and their host stars. The data include stellar parameters (such as positions, magnitudes, and temperatures), exoplanet parameters (such as masses and orbital parameters) and discovery/characterization data (such as published radial velocity curves, photometric light curves, images, and spectra).

All data in the Exoplanet Archive are vetted by a team of astronomers and are linked back to the original literature reference. Data are searchable either for an individual star or by stellar and planetary properties. The Exoplanet Archive offers direct access to frequently accessed data sets via an interactive table which allows sorting and filtering of the data. These data sets in the archive include:
List of all known planets and hosts
List of all Kepler Objects of Interest
List of all Kepler Threshold Crossing Events (TCEs)