Landsat Improving Everyday Life

Visit NASA Landsat News online and find out how Landsat is improving everyday life.
The Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) builds on a rich legacy of service to society. LDCM, launched successfully on February 11, is the eighth satellite in the Landsat series and will be renamed Landsat 8. This mission will extend the more than 40-year-long Landsat record of Earth’s continental and coastal landscapes. Since the launch of Landsat 1 in 1972, Landsat satellites have become an integral part of many operational land management activities around the world.
The Landsat Application Book, Landsat: Continuing to Improve Everyday Life (PDF, 101 Mb), explores a number of important everyday uses of Landsat that benefit us as a society. The application book was published in February 2013 and an eBook version will be available soon.