FameLab at LPSC

FameLab is back, and it’s at LPSC!

What is FameLab? It’s a scientific communication competition that gives participants a forum to convey their scientific research and an opportunity to hone their communication skills. It’s American Idol–for scientists!

At regional heats throughout the US, early career scientists from numerous disciplines will compete in presenting their research or related science concepts. Each contestant has the spotlight for only three minutes. No slides, no charts, just the power of words and any prop you can hold in your hands. A panel of experts in both science and science communication will do the judging.

Winners from the FameLab Exploring Earth and Beyond (EEB) regional competitions will face off at National Geographic headquarters in DC in April 2014 for a grand prize and the chance to compete with peers from around the world at the FameLab International Final in the UK in June 2014.

Beyond the competition element, the heart of FameLab is the chance to improve communication skills. At each preliminary event there will be a workshop with training in the principles and practices of good communication.

The regional heat will be held during the 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference on Sunday, March 17, and Wednesday, March 20. Space is limited. For more information, eligilibity requirements, and to register, visit the FameLab EEB website.