Monthly Archives: March 2013

Space Frontiers Lectures Series Presents Alan Bean

Rice University’s public Space Frontiers Lectures Series presents Apollo 12 astronaut and artist Alan Bean on Thursday, March 21. His lecture entitled “Reaching for Your Own Special Star” begins at 7:00 pm and will be held in Duncan Hall, McMurtry Auditorium, on the Rice University campus. A pre-lecture reception will take place at 6:30 pm.

This event is free and open to all. Please note that there is limited seating, so arrive early. More information about this special event can be found at the Space Frontiers Lecture Series website.

Rice Space Institute Conference

The Rice Space Institute and Rice University Scientia are presenting a two-day conference exploring the impact of space exploration on humanity’s self-perception. This conference, Space Exploration and Human Imagination: Space Futures, will examine how our growing understanding of the universe is changing our perceptions of humanity, what the societal and cultural implications are of the expansion of human presence in space, and how the culture of space exploration is changing. Leading experts will discuss these aspects through a series of lectures and Q&A.

The conference will be held April 11 – 12 at the International Conference Center at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.

The conference is FREE and open to all, however registration IS required. The conference program is online.

MyMoon Webcasts

Join us for the next two MyMoon webcasts:

On Wednesday, March 13 at 7 pm CDT, Dr. Catherine Neish, a member of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Mini-RF team, will discuss impact craters on the Moon and the use of radar to study planetary surfaces.

Then on Tuesday, April 2, at 7 pm CDT, William Pomerantz, the Vice President for Special Projects at Virgin Galactic and former head of the Google Lunar X Prize, will discuss these programs and his interest in space flight and how he became involved.

These webcasts will be held via Google+ Hangouts on Air with CosmoQuest. Please visit the webcast event page on March 13 and April 2 OR stay tuned to MyMoon and CosmoQuest social media for the link to join!

Carbon in Earth

A special, open-access issue of Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry called Carbon in Earth is now available. This volume, an astonishing look at the new field of deep carbon science, represents the first major collective publication of the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO).

The special volume comprises twenty chapters by more than fifty researchers in nine countries. The 700-page book integrates a vast body of research in physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth and space sciences. Each chapter synthesizes what we know about deep carbon, and also outlines unanswered questions that will guide the DCO for the remainder of the decade and beyond.

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation provided the funding to make this book freely accessible to all.