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Geological Map of Vesta


This high-resolution geological map of Vesta is derived from Dawn spacecraft data. Brown colors represent the oldest, most heavily cratered surface. Purple colors in the north and light blue represent terrains modified by the Veneneia and Rheasilvia impacts, respectively. Light purples and dark blue colors below the equator represent the interior of the Rheasilvia and Veneneia basins. Greens and yellows represent relatively young landslides or other downhill movement and crater impact materials, respectively. This map unifies 15 individual quadrangle maps and is a Mollweide projection, centered on 180 degrees longitude using the Dawn Claudia coordinate system.

Controversy and Enlightenment: The Work of Grover Karl Gilbert and Daniel Moreau Barringer


Electronic versions of key works by D. M. Barringer, B. C. Tilghman, and G. K. Gilbert about the controversy surrounding the origin of Meteor Crater in Arizona have been made available on the LPI website. (Note that the 1910 work of Barringer is published with the permission of his family.  The copyrights have expired on the other works provided online.)