Monthly Archives: June 2017

Ice Giant Mission Study Final Report


A study of future “ice giant” mission concepts has been released that identifies scientific questions that should be addressed and various instruments, spacecraft, flight-paths and technologies that could be used. This study is the first in a series that NASA will conduct in support of the next Planetary Science Decadal Survey. The full study and a short summary are available online.

Solar Eclipse Map

Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 map

This map shows the path of the Moon’s umbral shadow – in which the Sun will be completely obscured by the Moon – during the total solar eclipse on August 21, as well as the fraction of the Sun’s area covered by the Moon outside the path of totality. Totality begins in the United States in Lincoln City, Oregon, at 10:16 am PDT, and the total eclipse will end in Charleston, South Carolina, at 2:48 pm EDT. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout the United States.

LROC Quickmap

19146295_10155225826550853_1916577675117905778_nThe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) is systematically collecting images, with the ultimate goal of complete coverage of the Moon. Quickmap is a tool that helps you sort through all the data. It includes overlays of lunar feature names, locations of our featured images, a Wide Angle Camera (WAC) basemap, WAC topography, NACs with Sun angles to enhance surface features and more. Check back often as the NAC coverage increases and more datasets are added.

The “All-American” Eclipse Guide

2017-Eclipse-Guide-WEB-033117A free 2017 solar eclipse guide designed primarily for public libraries and the communities they serve is available online to download and print. The “All-American” Eclipse: A Guide for Public Libraries and Their Communities was written by Andrew Fraknoi of Foothill College and Dennis Schatz of the Pacific Science Center and can be found on the Science-Technology Activities & Resources for Libraries (STAR_Net) website.

Visions of the Future Poster Series

europa-small mars-small kepler16b-smallThe poster series “Visions of the Future” showcases the work of nine artists, designers, and illustrators and is the result of brainstorming sessions with JPL scientists, engineers, and communicators. Reminiscent of old posters the Works Progress Administration created for the national parks, these posters feature amazing destinations in our solar system. The posters are free to download and print.