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White Paper Released on the Value of NASA Participating Scientist Programs

18268512_10155081357750853_5093752866473966155_nA white paper has been released on the value of Participating Scientist programs within NASA’s planetary mission portfolio. The paper, led by LPI Director Louise Prockter and coauthored by representatives of the NASA Analysis and Assessment groups, is based on data collected from surveys of the planetary science community and mission leadership. The full report can be found online.

Cassini Grand Finale Toolkit

40_CGF_STILL_00022_1600The Cassini mission will come to an end on September 15 in a Grand Finale. Between now and September 2017, the spacecraft will undertake a daring set of orbits that is, in many ways, like a whole new mission. Cassini will leap over the planet’s icy rings and begin a series of weekly dives between the planet and the rings. Find out more about this final phase with the Grand Finale Toolkit. It features an overview, resources, 3-D interactive, milestones, and more.

Highlighting the University of Arizona Space Science Series

Renee Dotson and Richard Binzel  (26 of 30)Richard Binzel, Professor of Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Renee Dotson, Managing Editor at the LPI, pose with the 11 books that have been produced in the Space Science Series under a collaborative agreement between the University of Arizona Press and the LPI. Binzel serves as the General Editor for the Series, and Dotson serves as the Production Editor. All of these titles are available at the LPI library.