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MAVEN Teacher Workshop


Teachers, are your students obsessed with space? Looking for curriculum that blends science content and literacy skills? NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN)presents Red Planet: Read, Write, Explore! A workshop for elementary teachers and educators.

MAVEN, the next Mars mission, arrives at Mars on September 21. This workshop will include a special appearance from Max Goes to Mars author, Jeffrey Bennet, dinner and lectures by MAVEN scientists, followed by a NASATV broadcast of the arrival. The event will take place on Sunday, September 21, from 1:00 to 8:30 pm at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), Space Sciences Building, 3665 Discovery Dr., Boulder, Colorado 80303. The registration fee is only $20 and covers coffee, snacks and dinner. Register online by September 15.

National Community College Aerospace Scholars


Community college students from across the nation are invited to apply to become National Community College Aerospace Scholars. Students who dream of having a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) career can learn more about what NASA does and how to become a part of the exciting future of space exploration. Details are available online, and there will be two informational webinars on August 11 at 9 am and 4 pm CDT. Applications are due August 18.

Humans in Space Art Video Challenge


The Humans in Space Art Video Challenge is on! The Humans in Space Art Program and NASA’s International Space Station Program together invite college students and early career professionals to take a journey with us. Through the international Humans in Space Art Challenge, we invite you to explore “How will humans use space science, and technology to benefit humanity?” and to express your answer creatively in a video three minutes long or less. The deadline to submit a video is  November 15, 2014.

Video Simulations of Impact Cratering Processes


The LPI-JSC Center for Lunar Science and Exploration has prepared a series of video simulations of impact cratering processes for classroom use. The videos explore how impactor size and velocity, as well as target gravity and temperature, affect the sizes and morphologies of impact craters.  The videos can be run in real time from the website or, if users prefer, downloaded to their own computers.

Khan Academy Math, Science and Partner Content

The Khan Academy, a not-for-profit organization providing free world-class education online for anyone anywhere, offers math and science content including physics, cosmology and astronomy. The Khan Academy has also partnered with NASA, the Exploratorium and the California Academy of Sciences among others to bring additional content to students, parents and teachers.