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NASA @ My Library


The American Library Association (ALA) Public Programs Office, in partnership with the National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL) at the Space Science Institute (SSI), the Pacific Science Center, Cornerstones of Science, and Education Development Center, invites public libraries nationwide to apply to become a NASA@ My Library Partner and join the NASA@ My Library project. Public libraries are invited to work with NASA@ My Library project organizations, NASA, and state library agencies to increase and enhance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning opportunities for millions of library patrons throughout the nation, including geographic areas and populations that are currently underserved in STEM education. The application deadline is March 22. Get all the details online.

NASA PubSpace


NASA is using PubMed Central (PMC) to permanently preserve and provide easy public access to the peer-reviewed papers resulting from NASA-funded research. Beginning with research funded in 2016, all NASA-funded authors and co-authors (both civil servant and non-civil servant) will be required to deposit copies of their peer-reviewed scientific publications and associated data into NASA’s publication repository called NASA PubSpace.  This EXCLUDES patents, publications that contain material governed by personal privacy, export control, proprietary restrictions, or national security law or regulations.

Suggest Science Emojis

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The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has been asked by the Unicode Technical Committee to provide a list of suggestions for science-related emojis. Science-related emojis can help communicate science and represent sciences in social media. If you could add a few science emoji, especially for the geosciences, what would they be? Send AGU your suggestions.