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New Book on Biomedicine


The Lunar and Planetary Institute library just added the new book Effect of Spaceflight and Spaceflight Analogue Culture on Human and Microbial Cells: Novel Insights into Disease Mechanisms, published by Springer, to the collection. This book offers a new perspective on the architecture and physiology of all biological systems, explores fundamental questions about human health in a microgravity environment, and addresses a subject that has not been covered comprehensively in any published volume. Dr. Neil Pellis, Division of Space Life Sciences of the Universities Space Research Association, is one of the editors.

Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms Added to Collection


The Lunar and Planetary Institute library just added the new Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms, published by Springer, to the collection. This three-volume set includes original photographic and topographical thematic maps, presents the many different types of planetary surface features and how they evolved, and covers all solar system planetary bodies and moons in an alphabetical approach. A number of LPI scientists contributed to this important reference work.

Controversy and Enlightenment: The Work of Grover Karl Gilbert and Daniel Moreau Barringer


Electronic versions of key works by D. M. Barringer, B. C. Tilghman, and G. K. Gilbert about the controversy surrounding the origin of Meteor Crater in Arizona have been made available on the LPI website. (Note that the 1910 work of Barringer is published with the permission of his family.  The copyrights have expired on the other works provided online.)