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Controversy and Enlightenment: The Work of Grover Karl Gilbert and Daniel Moreau Barringer


Electronic versions of key works by D. M. Barringer, B. C. Tilghman, and G. K. Gilbert about the controversy surrounding the origin of Meteor Crater in Arizona have been made available on the LPI website. (Note that the 1910 work of Barringer is published with the permission of his family.  The copyrights have expired on the other works provided online.)

Free Downloads of LPI Publications

The LPI now has free downloads in ZIP format for most of our products that were released on DVD or CD-ROM. Some of these files can get large, so be aware of that if you are downloading to a phone. Here’s what’s now available:

GeoScienceWorld Adds New Archives from GSA Bulletin

GeoScienceWorld (GSW) has announced the addition of another 23 years of The Geological Society of America Bulletin. Published by The Geological Society of America (GSA) between 1923 and 1944, this content is a significant contribution to GSW’s growing collection of Earth science
journals and content.

Access to the entire suite of GeoScienceWorld journals is provided by LPI for all LPI Library users.