Visions of the Future Poster Series

europa-small mars-small kepler16b-smallThe poster series “Visions of the Future” showcases the work of nine artists, designers, and illustrators and is the result of brainstorming sessions with JPL scientists, engineers, and communicators. Reminiscent of old posters the Works Progress Administration created for the national parks, these posters feature amazing destinations in our solar system. The posters are free to download and print.

Welcome 2017 LPI Summer Interns

        Interns 2     Interns 1

This week we welcomed the 2017 LPI Summer Interns. On Monday along with their orientation, they received a tour of the astromaterials sample lab at the Johnson Space Center (JSC). Several interns have desks and workspaces in the LPI library for the summer while others are working at JSC.

BeautifulMars Project



The BeautifulMars Project is looking for people to promote the idea that knowledge about Mars belongs to everyone. If you are fluent or even semi-fluent in a second language or multiple languages, consider volunteering your skills to translate High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) image titles. Detailed information and guidelines are available online. Help make outreach history!