NASA Community Workshop on the Global Exploration Roadmap


NASA will conduct a public workshop on April 10-11, 2014 to inform and involve the broader community in updates related to the second iteration of the Global Exploration Roadmap, a publication of the International Space Exploration Coordination Group, released in August 2013. The workshop will also provide the latest status regarding NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission studies and many other related topics toward a human Mars mission in the 2030s. Registration for on-site and virtual attendance is open now.

A pdf of the Global Exploration Roadmap (August 2013) is available online.

GRAIL Release 4


The release of Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) data on the Planetary Data System Geosciences Node covers both the primary and extended mission phases and includes version 4 of Lunar Gravity Ranging System (LGRS) Experiment Data Record and Calibrated Data Record data, along with revisions to some Raw Radio Science (RSS) Experiment Data Record data. It is also the first release of RSS EDR data from all other mission phases.

Free Online Course: The Science of the Solar System


CalTech is offering a free online course, The Science of the Solar System. Featuring CalTech’s Michael Brown, the course will explore the solar system using concepts from physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. Dr. Brown will share the latest from Mars, explore the outer solar system, ponder planets outside our solar system, and search for habitability in the universe. And the course is free! Sessions begin March 31.