“So You Want to Be a Martian” Education Event October 1

Education open house

As NASA prepares for humans’ first steps on Mars in the 2030’s, it is important to understand fact versus fiction about living on Mars. On Thursday, October 1, 2015, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center will conduct a Journey to Mars Education Event called “So You Want to Be a Martian.” A curated panel discussion with KSC Director Bob Cabana, NASA’s Planetary Science Director, a NASA astronaut, a NASA botanist, and two stars from the movie “The Martian” will be hosted on NASA’s Digital Learning Network. Educators MUST sign up for this opportunity no later than Friday, September 18 at 3 pm EDT. The 90-minute event will be webcast on the NASA DLiNfo Channel on October 1 from 11:30 am-1:00 pm EDT.

TEDxESA Conference in November


The first TEDxESA conference will take place at the European Space Agency Erasmus Centre in Noordwijk, The Netherlands on November 11. The conference theme is “Science Beyond Fiction”–the importance of creativity and imagination to help push boundaries will be examined. The conference moderator will be ESA astronaut André Kuipers. Find out more on the TEXxESA blog.