Host a Space, Earth Science or Technology Exhibit at Your Public Library


The American Library Association (ALA) Public Programs Office, in collaboration with the Space Science Institute’s National Center for Interactive Learning, the Lunar and Planetary Institute and the Afterschool Alliance, invites public libraries to apply to host one of three science- and technology-focused traveling exhibitions. The interactive exhibitions are designed to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning opportunities for all ages. Each exhibition will travel to eight sites in 2016 and 2017. Application deadline is April 7, 2015.

Upcoming Cosmic Exploration Lectures




Join us at the LPI for the next two lectures in this season’s Cosmic Explorations series.

April 9 – Dr. Brittany Schmidt, Georgia Tech, “Europa Report”

May 7 – Dr. Seth Shostak, SETI Institute, “Movie Science: Who Cares If It’s Wrong?”

These events are free, but registration is required to attend. Check the Cosmic Explorations schedule online for more information.