NASA Spinoff 2017


NASA has released its Spinoff 2017 publication, which takes a close look at 50 different companies that are using NASA technology – innovations developed by NASA, with NASA funding, or under a contract with the agency – in products that we all benefit from. It can be accessed and read online.

Eyes on the Solar System: Juno

15135868_10154591440240853_2530123259687700696_nUsing NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System and simulated data from the Juno flight team, you can ride on board the Juno spacecraft in real-time at any moment during the entire mission. NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System program is a web-based tool to journey with NASA’s spacecraft through the solar system. The experience is available on a Mac or PC by downloading NASA’s Eyes. NASA’s Eyes interactives require a one-time download of the app.