LROC Quickmap

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The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Narrow Angle Camera (LROC NAC) is systematically collecting images, with the ultimate goal of complete coverage of the Moon. Quickmap allows you to quickly sort through all these data. It includes overlays of lunar feature names, locations of featured images, a Wide Angle Camera (WAC) basemap, WAC topography, NACs with Sun angles to enhance surface features and more.

Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature


The Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature can help identify a feature on the surface of a planet or satellite so that the feature can be easily located, described, and discussed. This reference contains detailed information about all names of topographic and albedo features on planets and satellites (and some planetary ring and ring-gap systems) that the International Astronomical Union has named and approved from its founding in 1919 through the present time.

Planetary Science Vision Workshop 2050


NASA’s Planetary Science Division (PSD) is planning to host a community workshop at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC on February 27–28 and March 1, 2017. This workshop is meant to provide PSD with a very long-range vision of what planetary science may look like in the future. The workshop is to gather the leading experts in Solar System planetary science and related disciplines, together with experts in space technologies, to identify potential science goals and enabling technologies that can be implemented by the end of the 2040s and would support the next phase of Solar System exploration. Receive e-mail notifications regarding this meeting by submitting an Indication of Interest online.