Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms Added to Collection


The Lunar and Planetary Institute library just added the new Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms, published by Springer, to the collection. This three-volume set includes original photographic and topographical thematic maps, presents the many different types of planetary surface features and how they evolved, and covers all solar system planetary bodies and moons in an alphabetical approach. A number of LPI scientists contributed to this important reference work.

SkyFest August 6


The Lunar and Planetary Institute, with assistance from the JSC Astronomical Society, presents SkyFest on August 6 from 1 – 3 pm at the LPI. The topic is the Juno mission to Jupiter. This free event is open to explorers of all ages and includes hands-on activities as well as viewing through telescopes (weather permitting).

A Trip to Pluto


Made from more than 100 New Horizons images taken over six weeks of approach and close flyby, a new video produced by New Horizons scientists offers a “trip” to Pluto. It starts with a distant spacecraft’s view of Pluto and its largest moon, Charon – closing the distance day by day – with a dramatic “landing” on the shoreline of Pluto’s informally named Sputnik Planum.

OSIRIS-REx Launch Professional Development Experience


Attention camp professionals and park educators/interpreters! Apply now for the Exploring Solar System Beginnings: The OSIRIS-REx Launch Professional Development Experience for Camp Professionals and Park Educators/Interpreters. Join educators from the Lunar and Planetary Institute for a two-day professional development training that will provide you with hands-on activities and other resources to help you bring NASA’s solar system science and exploration into your programs. The training will be followed by a day of activities at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, culminating in a viewing of the OSIRIS-REx launch! Training will be September 6 – 7 and launch activities are scheduled for September 8. The deadline to apply is Friday, July 22 at 5:00 pm CDT.