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Dr. Rajdeep Dasgupts


Dr. Rajdeep Dasgupta

Phone: (713) 348-2664
Lab:  (713) 348-2144
Fax:  (713) 348-5214

Rajdeep Dasgupta is an assistant professor at Rice University – Department of Earth Science.  Rajdeep has a PhD in geology, a masters degree in applied geology, and a bachelor of science degree [with honours in geological sciences].  One of his active areas of research is experimental study of the behavior and influence of C-O-H volatiles in mantle melting processes and igneous petrogenesis, with an aim to constrain the deep Earth volatile cycle. He is also moving into a new direction in the study of core segregation during early planetary differentiation and core-mantle exchange relevant to the present day planetary interiors; with a key focus in the behavior and role of various light elements in metal and metal-silicate equilibria.



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