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Dr. David Draper

David Draper is the manager of the Astromaterials Research Office (KR), part of the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) directorate of NASA - Johnson Space Center [formerly the Earth Science and Solar System Exploration Division].  His main area of expertise is in experimental petrologic studies of planetary materials.  And, his main interests are: the study of planetary interiors, primarily Earth, Moon, and Mars; primitive mantle-derived liquids on terrestrial planets; incompatible trace element partitioning between garnet and silicate liquids; experimental petrologic investigations of subduction and plume-related basaltic magmas; upper mantle xenoliths and mantle-metasomatic liquids; integration of tectonic and magmatic history of western North America; and experimental study of volatiles in magmatic systems (noble gases, CO2, H2O).

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December 13, 2010