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Dr. Jangmi Han

Postdoctoral Fellow
Lunar and Planetary Institute
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058


My research focuses on refractory inclusions (calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions and amoeboid olivine aggregates) and their rims in chondritic meteorites in order to improve our understanding of (1) the formational and thermal history of refractory inclusions and their rims in the early solar nebula prior to accretion and (2) the processes and conditions of secondary parent body alteration that affected refractory inclusions and their rims. Detailed micrometer- to nanometer-scale mineralogical and petrologic characterizations of refractory inclusions and their rims in concert with isotope measurements are carried out using transmission electron microscopy combined with the focused ion beam sample preparation technique and NanoSIMS.














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Jangmi Han

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