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Lunar and Planetary Institute Contribution Series

To document the activities of the visiting and staff scientists and other work supported by the Institute, this formal series, called "Lunar and Planetary Institute Contributions," was initiated in September 1969 while the Institute was under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences. Two additional series, Basaltic Volcanism and the Terrestrial Planets (BV) and the Technical Reports (TR) series, were active between 1977 and 1998. Both the BV and the TR series have been included on this site for a more complete view of Institute-related work. The Lunar and Planetary Institute Contribution series continues today, documenting the scientific research, meeting-related publications, educational materials, outreach products, and other activities of the Institute. The LPI is operated by USRA under a cooperative agreement with the Science Mission Directorate of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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LPI Editorial Board
Sixth International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration, September 5-9, Reykjavik, Iceland
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Kiefer W.S., and Li Q. (2016) Water under-saturated mantle plume volcanism on present-day Mars. Meteoritics and Planetary Science (accepted)

Moore J.M., McKinnon W.B., Spencer J.R., Howard A.D., Schenk P.M., Beyer R.A., Nimmo F., Singer K.N., Umurhan O.M., White O.L., Stern S.A., Ennico K., Olkin C.B., Weaver H.A., Young L.A., Binzel R.P., Buie M.W., Buratti B.J., Cheng A.F., Cruikshank D.P., Grundy W.M., Linscott I.R., Reitsema H.J., Reuter D.C., Showalter M.R., Bray V.J., Chavez C.L., Howett C.J.A, Lauer T.R., Lisse C.M., Parker A.H., Porter S.B., Robbins S.J., Runyon K., Stryk T., Throop H.B., Tsang C.C.C., Verbiscer A.J., Zangari A.M., Chaikin A.L., Wilhelms D.E., and the New Horizons Science Team (2016) The geology of Pluto and Charon through the eyes of New Horizons. Science 351, 1284-1293, DOI:10.1126/science.aad7055

Grundy W.M., Binzel R.P., Buratti B.J., Cook J.C., Cruikshank D.P., Dalle Ore C.M., Earle A.M., Ennico K., Howett C.J.A., Lunsford A.W., Olkin C.B., Parker A.H., Philippe S., Protopapa S., Quirico E., Reuter D.C., Schmitt B., Singer K.N., Verbiscer A.J., Beyer R.A., Buie M.W., Cheng A.F., Jennings D.E., Linscott I.R., Parker J.W., Schenk P.M., Spencer J.R., Stansberry J.A., Stern S.A., Throop H.B., Tsang C.C.C., Weaver H.A., Weigle II G.E., Young L.A., and the New Horizons Science Team (2016) Surface compositions across Pluto and Charon. Science 351

Weaver H.A., Buie M.W., Buratti B.J., Grundy W.M., Lauer T.R., Olkin C.B., Parker A.H., Porter S.B., Showalter M.R., Spencer J.R., Stern S.A., Verbiscer A.J., McKinnon W.B., Moore J.M., Robbins S.J., Schenk P., Singer K.N., Barnouin O.S., Cheng A.F., Ernst C.M., Lisse C.M., Jennings D.E., Lunsford A.W., Reuter D.C., Hamilton D.P., Kaufmann D.E., Ennico K., Young L.A., Beyer R.A., Binzel R.P., Bray V.J., Chaikin A.L., Cook J.C., Cruikshank D.P., Dalle Ore C.M., Earle A.M., Gladstone G.R., Howett C.J.A., Linscott I.R., Nimmo F., Parker J.W., Philippe S., Protopapa S., Reitsema H.J., Schmitt B., Stryk T., Summers M.E., Tsang C.C.C., Throop H.H.B., White O.L., and Zangari A.M. (2016) The small satellites of Pluto as observed by New Horizons. Science 351

LPI Editorial Board
79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, August 7-12, Berlin, Germany
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Editorial Board
Annual Planetary Geologic Mappers Meeting, June 13-15, Flagstaff, AZ
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Schenk P., and Nimmo F. (2016) New Horizons at Pluto. Nature Geoscience 9, 411-412, DOI:10.1038/ngeo2729

McKinnon W.B., Nimmo F., Wong T., Schenk P.M., White O.L., Roberts J.H., Moore J.M., Spencer J.R., Howard A.D., Umurhan O.M., Stern S.A., Weaver H.A., Olkin C.B., Young L.A., Smith K.E., and New Horizons Geology, Geophysics and Imaging Team (2016) Convection in a volatile nitrogen-ice-rich layer drives Pluto's geological vigour. Nature 534, 82-85, DOI:10.1038/nature18289

Hui H., Peslier A.H., Rudnick R.L., Simonetti A., and Neal C.R. (2015) Plume-cratonic lithosphere interaction recorded by water and other trace elements in peridotite xenoliths from the Labait volcano, Tanzania. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 16, 1687-1710, DOI:10.1002/2015GC005779

Needham A.W., Messenger S., Han J., and Keller L.P. (2016) Corundum-hibonite inclusions and the environments of high temperature processing in the early solar system. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (accepted)

Steenstra E.S., Martin D.J.P., McDonald F.E., Paisarnsombat S., Venturino C., O'Hara S., Calzada-Diaz A., Bottoms S., Leader M., Klaus K.K., van Westrenen W., Needham D.H., and Kring D.A. (2016) Analyses of robotic traverses and sample sites in the Schrödinger basin for the HERACLES human-assisted sample return mission concept. Advances in Space Research (in press)

Filiberto J., Baratoux D., Beaty D., Breuer D., Farcy B.J., Grott M., Jones J.H., Kiefer W.S., Mane P., McCubbin F.M., and Schwenzer S.P. (2016) A review of volatiles in the martian interior. Meteoritics and Planetary Science (in press)

Treiman A.H., Boyce J.W., Greenwood J.P., Eiler J.M., Gross J., Guan Y., Ma C., and Stolper E. (2016) D-poor hydrogen in lunar mare basalts assimilated from lunar regolith. American Mineralogist 101 (accepted)

LPI Editorial Board
Biosignature Preservation and Detection in Mars Analog Environments, May 16-18, Lake Tahoe, NV
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Editorial Board
New Views of the Moon 2, May 24-26, Houston, TX
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Gong S., Wieczorek M.A., Nimmo F., Kiefer W.S., Head J.W., Huang C., Smith D.E., and Zuber M.T. (2016) Thicknesses of mare basalts on the Moon from gravity and topography. Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets 121

Barnes J.J., Kring D.A., Tartèse R., Franchi I.A., Anand M., and Russell S.S. (2016) An asteroidal origin for water in the Moon. Nature Communications 7

LPI Department of Education and Public Outreach
Explore! Jupiter’s Family Secrets
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Schmieder M., Kring D.A., Swindle T.D., Bond J.C., and Moore C.B. (2016) The Gao-Guenie impact melt breccia - Sampling a rapidly cooled impact melt dike on an H-chondrite asteroid?. Meteoritics and Planetary Science

McGovern P. J., Kirchoff M. R., White O. L., and Schenk P. M. (2016) Magma ascent pathways associated with large mountains on Io. Icarus 272, 246-257, DOI:10.1016/j.icarus.2016.02.035

Schmieder M., Schwarz W.H., Trieloff M., Buchner E., Hopp J., Tohver E., Pesonen L.J., Lehtinen M., Moilanen J., Werner S.C., and Öhman T. (2016) The two Suvasvesi impact structures, Finland: Argon isotopic evidence for a "false" impact crater doublet. Meteoritics and Planetary Science

Jackson A.A. (2015) Black hole beacon: Gravitational lensing. Journal of the British Interplanetary Society 68, 342-346.

LPI Editorial Board
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference XLVII, March 21-25, The Woodlands, TX
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Sori M.M., Zuber M.T., Head J.W., and Kiefer W.S. (2016) Gravitational search for cryptovolcanism on the Moon: Evidence for large volumes of early igneous activity. Icarus 273, 284-295, DOI:10.1016/j.icarus.2016.02.009

Kumar P.S., Sruthi U., Krishna N., Lakshmi K.J.P., Menon R., Amitabh , Krishna B.G., Kring D.A., Head J.W., Goswami J.N., and Kumar A.S.K. (2016) Recent shallow moonquake and impact-triggered boulder falls on the Moon: New insights from the Schrödinger basin. Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets 121

Mazzarini F., Le Corvec N., Isola I., and Favalli M. (2016) Volcanic field elongation, vent distribution, and tectonic evolution of a continental rift: The Main Ethiopian Rift example. Geosphere 12, 706-720, DOI:10.1130/GES01193.1

Shupla C. (2016) Planetary exploration in science education. The Universe in the Classroom 90, 1-6.

LPI Department of Education and Public Outreach
Explore! Marvel Moon, February 25-25, Houston, TX
Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Department of Education and Public Outreach
NASA Space Science Training: Explore Mars, April 9-10, Houston TX
Lunar and Planetary Institute

Hurwitz D., and Kring D.A. (2015) Identifying the geologic context of Apollo 17 impact melt breccias. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 436, 64-70, DOI:10.1016/j.epsl.2015.12.032