Fig. 2.  Molar compositions of individual pyroxene analyses showing uniform compositions for major (a, b) and minor (c) elements. Note that small pyroxenes from the crushed zones have the same minor-element contents as the coarse-grained orthopyroxenes (c). Chassigny pyroxene data from Floran et al. (1978); average nakhlite augite cores from Harvey and McSween (1992); EETA 79001 megacryst pyroxene compositions from Steele and Smith (1982) (diamonds) and McSween and Jarosewich (1983) (line, taken from their Fig. 2); Eg exp. - experimental pyroxenes from synthetic EETA 79001 groundmass melt composition from the study of Wasylenki et al. (1993). Solid line connecting some of their pyroxenes link cores and rims from fractional crystallization experiments.