Lunar and Planetary Institute

Dr. Anne Pommier

Visiting Scientist

Postdoctoral Associate at Arizona State University
School of Earth and Space Exploration
781 E Terrace Road Bldg 75
Tempe, AZ 85287, USA
Phone:(+1) 480-727-2619

Dr. Anne Pommier studies the physical and chemical properties of silicate melts using laboratory experiments, with applications to the Earth, Mars and the Moon. Her background is in civil engineering and geology, and she received her PhD in experimental petrology in 2009.

Anne Pommier’s current research interests for melt properties deal with: 1) the investigation of the effect of temperature, pressure, composition, and rheology on the electrical properties of silicate melts. She uses the electrical conductivity of melts (impedance spectroscopy technique) as a probe to further understanding of their geochemical and geophysical properties, and promotes a multi-disciplinary approach that aims to improve the interpretation of field electrical data (magnetotellurics); 2) the investigation of the effect of melting on the evolution and differentiation of planetary bodies. In particular, using high-pressure phase-equilibrium experiments, she studies the early evolution of the Martian mantle in order to improve our understanding of the planet interior.

As part of her conductivity investigations and in order to strengthen interactions between laboratory and field researchers, she developed a freely available web-application of electrical conductivity calculations for research and educational purposes (SIGMELTS). Recently, she has been awarded a competitive Exploration Postdoctoral fellowship at the School of Earth and Space Exploration (Arizona State University) in order to help her to develop research projects with planetary purposes.

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July 12, 2012