Lunar and Planetary Institute

LPI Summer Intern Alumni 2004

Name: Emily Bjonnes
Intern College:Rutgers University

Name: Brian Bue
Intern College:
Augsburg College

Name: Sarah Collins
Intern College:
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

Name: Selby Cull
Intern College: Hampshire College

Name: Heather Dalton
Intern College:
Stephen F. Austin State University

Name: Nicholas Heavens
Intern College: University of Chicago

Name: Jared Howenstine
Intern College:
University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Name: Yoko Kebukawa
Intern College:
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Name: Scott McBride
Intern College:
Cornell University

Name: Tahirih Motazedian
Intern College:
University of Oregon

Name: Akiko Suzuki
Intern College:
Kyushu University

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February 1, 2006