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LPI Intern


From right to left: Eva Fattah Lalor, Temple University, Angela Maree Dapremont, College of Charlesto, Christopher Michael Hoff, University of Massachusetts Amhers, Anthony Michael Frushour, Appalachian State University, Dayl Joseph Paul Martin, University of Manchester (UK), Caitlin Marie Altomare, Lafayette College, Alastair William Tait, Monash University (Australia), Michael Conner Bouchard, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Atsushi Takenouchi, The University of Tokyo (Japan), Mouna Petitjean, Université Paris-Sud (France), Andrea Maxine Bruck, Illinois State University, Wanda Feng, Smith College, Kelsey Williams, Brown University and Laura Michelle Corley, University of Hawaii


29th Annual Summer Intern Conference, August 8, 2013