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Areas of research


  • Lunar Science and Exploration
  • Planetary Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy
  • Image Processing
  • Planetary Geology and Surface Processes
  • Impact Studies
  • Geophysical Data Analysis and Modeling
  • Physics and Chemistry of Planetary Atmospheres
  • Meteorites and Sample Analysis
  • Interplanetary Dust and Presolar Grains
  • Mineralogy/Petrology





















LPI Interns, Mouna Petitjean, Université Paris-Sud
. Anthony Michael Frushour, Applachian State University, Alastair William Tait, Monash University (Australia), Kelsey Williams, Brown University, Andrea Maxine Bruck, Illinois State University, Wanda Feng, Smith College


Science and Analysis Lab Tour, July 30, 2013