How to Access the Downloadable Files

In response to numerous requests from the community, we have made downloadable files available for each session. These files contain the program listing and all abstracts for each session, and are available via anonymous FTP from the LPI. (Remember that the titles in the program listing are NOT linked to the individual abstracts as they are in the online version.) Instructions for accessing the FTP site are provided below. The file names are shown in red to the right of each session (e.g., "sess01.pdf"). If you have any questions regarding these files, please contact Renee Dotson at 281-486-2188 or

To access the LPI's FTP site, ftp to

User Name:  anonymous
Password:  your e-mail address

Change the directory to


and then retrieve the file(s) you are interested in (see listing below).

Note:  The files should be downloaded in BINARY mode.

Monday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
Room A      Martian Meteorites I    sess01.pdf
Room B      Chemistry and Physics of the Early Solar System   sess02.pdf
Room C      Mars:  Channels, Lakes, and Mud Oceans   sess03.pdf
Room D      Impact I:  Theory and Experiment   sess04.pdf
                   Session dedicated to the memory of Don Gault

Monday Afternoon, 1:00 p.m.
Room C      PLENARY SESSION   sess05.pdf
                   Presentations to the 1999 GSA Stephen E. Dwornik
                   Student Paper Award Winners
                   followed by
                   Harold Masursky Lecture by John Wood

            Read the full Marsursky Lecture article written by John Wood

Monday Afternoon, 2:30 p.m.
Room A      Martian Meteorites II   sess06.pdf
                   4:00 p.m.   Iron Meteorites   sess07.pdf
Room B      Galileo at Io   sess08.pdf
Room C      Mars Geophysics   sess09.pdf
Room D      Planetary Interior Processes   sess10.pdf

Tuesday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
Room A      New Views of the Moon:  Thermal Evolution and the Nature of
                   the Lunar Interior I   sess11.pdf
Room B      Mars Surface:  Up Close   sess12.pdf
                   Session dedicated to the memory of Henry Moore
Room C      SPECIAL SESSION — NEAR at Eros:  First Results    invited talks only; no abstracts
Room D      Achondrite Potpourri   sess14.pdf

Tuesday Afternoon, 1:30 p.m.
Room A      New Views of the Moon:  Thermal Evolution and the Nature of
                   the Lunar Interior II   sess15.pdf
Room B      Asteroids and Comets   sess16.pdf
Room C      Mars Oceans, Ice, and Polar Regions   sess17.pdf
Room D      Impact II:  Terrestrial Impacts   sess18.pdf

Tuesday Evening, 7:00-9:30 p.m.
UHCL         Poster Session I
                   Missions:  Mars   sess19.pdf
                   Even Mars Has Its Faults   sess20.pdf
                   Mars Mapping   sess21.pdf
                   Blue Mars   sess22.pdf
                   Lunar Remote Sensing:  Diggin', Minin', and Forty-Ninin'   sess23.pdf
                   New Views of the Moon:  Thermal Evolution and the Nature of the Lunar Interior   sess24.pdf
                   Achondrite Potpourri   sess25.pdf
                   Shock Processes in Meteorites   sess26.pdf
                   Iron Meteorites   sess27.pdf
                   CAIs, Condensation, and Evaporation   sess28.pdf
                   Martian Meteorites   sess29.pdf
                   "NEAR Relations"   sess30.pdf
                   Outer Planet Satellites   sess31.pdf
                   Mercury   sess32.pdf
                   Impact Theory and Experiment   sess33.pdf
                   Terrestrial Impact Craters   sess34.pdf
                   Planetary Interior Processes   sess35.pdf
                   Missions and Experiments   sess36.pdf
                   Instrumental Techniques   sess37.pdf
                   Space Science Education   sess38.pdf

Wednesday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
Room A      Refractory Inclusions   sess39.pdf
Room B      Gardening on the Moon:  Regolith Processes and Characterization   sess40.pdf
Room C      Mars:  Troughs, Tectonics, and Teslas   sess41.pdf
Room D      Stardust:  Collected, Remote, and Captured   sess42.pdf

Wednesday Afternoon, 1:30 p.m.
Room A      Meteorite Chronology and Isotope Systematics   sess43.pdf
Room B      Lunar Composition:  Remote Yet Intimate Views   sess44.pdf
                   3:30 p.m.   Dating the Moon:  Impact Effects and Petrogenetic Implications   sess45.pdf
Room C      Mars:  Lumps, Bumps, and Pixels   sess46.pdf
Room D      Origins of Planetary Systems:  Drag and Hard Bodies   sess47.pdf

Wednesday Evening, 6:00-9:30 p.m.
Conference Social Event, Campbell Hall, Pasadena Fairgrounds

Thursday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
Room A      Mars:  Holes, History, and Hematite   sess48.pdf
Room B      Chondrule Petrogenesis   sess49.pdf
Room C      Astrobiology   sess50.pdf
Room D      Outer Body Experiences   sess51.pdf

Thursday Afternoon, 1:30 p.m.
Room A      Venus Geophysics and Geology   sess52.pdf
Room B      Origins of Chondritic Metal   sess53.pdf
Room C      Europa   sess54.pdf
Room D      Mars:  Dirt, Dust, and Air   sess55.pdf

Thursday Evening, 7:00-9:30 p.m.
UHCL         Poster Session II
                   Astrobiology   sess56.pdf
                   Mars Meteorology   sess57.pdf
                   New Meteorites   sess58.pdf
                   Presolar Grains   sess59.pdf
                   Carbonaceous Chondrites   sess60.pdf
                   Enstatite Chondrites   sess61.pdf
                   Ordinary Chondrites   sess62.pdf
                   Cosmogenic Nuclides   sess63.pdf
                   The Angry Red Planet   sess64.pdf
                   Mars:  The Other Red Meat   sess65.pdf
                   Holey Mars!   sess66.pdf
                   The "Dirt" on Mars   sess67.pdf
                   Martian Magnetics   sess68.pdf
                   Integrated Lunar Science at the Hard Rock Café   sess69.pdf
                   Playing the Lunar Crustal Record:  My Darling Clementine   sess70.pdf
                   Venus Geology and Geophysics   sess71.pdf
                   Formation of the Solar System   sess72.pdf
                   Stardust:  Collected, Remote and Captured   sess73.pdf
                   Europa   sess74.pdf
                   Small Body Mélange   sess75.pdf
                   Surface Processes   sess76.pdf

Friday Morning, 8:30 a.m.
Room A      Presolar Grains   sess77.pdf
Room B      Mars Surface:  Remote Sensing   sess78.pdf
Room C      Astrobiology:  Meteorites   sess79.pdf
Room D      Planetary Volcanism:  Flows and Edifices   sess80.pdf
                   Session dedicated to the memory of Peter Francis