Recent Results from the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) Project

H. E. M. Viggh, G. H. Stokes, F. C. Shelly, M. S. Blythe, J. S. Stuart (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)

Lincoln Laboratory has a long history of developing electro-optical space surveillance technology for resident space object search, detection, orbit determination, and catalog maintenance. Recent advances in large format, highly sensitive CCDs with fast readout rates, combined with customized data processing systems, make possible the application of these technologies to the search, detection, and cataloging of Earth crossing asteroids. Recent search results using telescopes at the Experimental Test Site in Socorro, NM will be presented, including the discovery of 1249 new MPC designated asteroids, including 4 Near Earth Objects (NEOs) during a three month period in early 1997. This work sponsored by the Dept. of the Air Force under Contract No. F19628-95-C-0002.