ISO-SWS Observations of Neptune

B. Bézard, Th. Encrenaz (Obs. Paris), H. Feuchtgruber (MPI Garching), E. Lellouch (Obs. Meudon), T. de Graauw (SRON Groningen), M. Griffin (QMWC London), S.K. Atreya (U. Michigan)

The spectrum of Neptune was recorded on 1996 October 26 with the Short Wavelength Spectrometer (SWS) of the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO). Observations cover the 7-16 tex2html_wrap_inline11 m spectral range at a resolving power of tex2html_wrap_inline13 1500. Emission bands from CH tex2html_wrap_inline15 , CH tex2html_wrap_inline17 D, C tex2html_wrap_inline19 H tex2html_wrap_inline21 , and C tex2html_wrap_inline19 H tex2html_wrap_inline19 are prominent in the spectrum. A first analysis of these data will be presented.