Jupiter's Synchrotron Radiation: an Intercomparison of Data, Models and 3-D Reconstruction Techniques

Imke de Pater (UCB), R.J. Sault (ATNF)

We present 3-D results of imaging experiments performed on data and models of Jupiter's synchrotron radiation. The data have been obtained at the VLA in 1994, and the models were derived such as to fit the 2-dimensional brightness distribution of the radio emision (see de Pater et al., JGR, in press). We used both a backprojection technique (described by de Pater et al., Icarus, in press) and a 3-D Fourier Transform algorithm (Sault et al., Astron. Astrophys., in press; Leblanc et al., 1997, Astron. Astrophys, 319, 274) to obtain 3-dimensional images of the data and the model. We will show a comparison of the two techniques, and a comparison of the model and data in 3-D. Even though the model images in 2-D matched the data very well, there are some interesting differences in the 3-D images, which yield useful information on the electron distribution and on modifications of Connerney's tex2html_wrap_inline12 magnetic field model.