Dynamical Mixing in the Jovian Upper Troposphere

M. Allen (JPL/Caltech), Y.-T. Lee (Caltech), E. W. Weisstein (U. Va.), E. Serabyn (Caltech)

There is no known chemical source of phosphine in the Jovian upper troposphere. Its presence in the upper atmosphere therefore is the result of upward transport from the interior. The retrieval of the vertical profile of phosphine in the upper troposphere from ground-based submillimeter observations provides then an opportunity to derive the magnitude of dynamical mixing in this altitude range. Using the Caltech/JPL Jovian 1-D coupled chemistry/transport model, we find that the phosphine measurements provide evidence for rapid mixing at pressures greater than 330 mbar and a stagnant layer above. As the measurements are globally-averaged, the model simulation also is for the mean global atmosphere.