Mauna Kea Trojan Survey and Statistical Studies of L4 Trojans

J. Chen, D. Jewitt, C. Trujillo (IFA/UH), J. Luu (Harvard University)

We present a survey for Trojan objects conducted on the UH 2.2 m telescope using a 8192 x 8192 pixel charge-coupled device (CCD) mosaic. In this survey, 20 tex2html_wrap_inline11 of sky were covered to limiting magnitude V = tex2html_wrap_inline13 . Ninety-three Jovian Trojans with size ranging from about 4 km to 40 km diameter were discovered. The cumulative magnitude-frequency distribution is found to have slope of tex2html_wrap_inline15 . The bias corrected mean inclination is tex2html_wrap_inline17 . The total number of L4 Trojans is estimated at ( tex2html_wrap_inline19 ) x tex2html_wrap_inline21 (diameter tex2html_wrap_inline23 km). The size and total mass of the L4 Trojan cloud are discussed. No "Trojans" of Saturn, Uranus or Neptune were discovered. We will discuss the upper limits to the surface densities of these objects.