A Coordinated Ground and Space Based Study of Comet P/IRAS

D.J. Osip (University of Florida), C.M. Lisse, Y.R. Fernandez, M.F. A'Hearn (University of Maryland), S.M. Lederer, H. Campins (University of Florida), S.B. Peschke (MPIK)

We report on the results of our ongoing coordinated ground and space based investigations of comets.

In the fall of 1996 we observed the periodic comet P/IRAS across a broad range of wavelengths from visible through far-infrared. Narrowband visible imaging and photometry from Lowell Observatory along with near and thermal-infrared imaging and photometry from the NASA/IRTF were coordinated with two mid- and far-IR observing runs using the Infrared Space Observatory. Dynamical and spectral modeling of the resulting data is being used to determine or constrain the composition, particle size distribution, and emission history of the dust emitted by this comet. We present preliminary results from our modeling and establish a framework in which to compare data from other coordinated observing campaigns for comets P/Kopff, C/Hale-Bopp, and P/Wolf-Harrington. Furthermore, we will present a comparison of these results to IRAS and COBE observations of cometary dust.