Photopolarimetric Observations of CI(1657 tex2html_wrap_inline11 ) and Dust Continuum Emissions from Comet Hale-Bopp with the WISP Sounding Rocket

W. M. Harris, K. H. Nordsieck, F. Scherb, E. J. Mierkiewicz (Uinversity of Wisconsin-Madison)

We report on photopolarimetric observations of resonant emission from Carbon [CI(1657 tex2html_wrap_inline11 )] and scattered solar continuum from dust at 2800 tex2html_wrap_inline11 using the Wisconsin Imaging Survey Polarimeter (WISP). The WISP is a wide field ( tex2html_wrap_inline17 x tex2html_wrap_inline19 ) sounding rocket telescope originally designed for polarimetric observations of diffuse galactic light at a 1% photometric level. We will describe the initial results of our launch on 8 April, 1997 from the White Sands Missile range, including a discussion of the images obtained, and the results from supporting visible/near-infrared measurements of gas and dust from the Burrell Schmidt telescope, and spectroscopic observations of the CI(9850 tex2html_wrap_inline11 ) metastable line from the McMath Pierce Solar Telescope.

This research was supported by NASA grant NAG5-5091 and NSF grant AST-9615625.