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Bayerisches Geoinstitut, Bayreuth
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Märker Zementwerke AG
Münchener Rückversicherungs–Gesellschaft
Stadt Nördlingen
Stadtsparkasse Nördlingen
The Barringer Crater Company
University of Münster
Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Donau-Ries

Burkhard Dressler, Chair, Lunar and Planetary Institute
Thomas Kenkmann, Co-Chair, Humboldt University, Berlin
Alex Deutsch, University of Münster
Richard Grieve, Earth Science Sector, Natural Resources Canada
Robbie Herrick, Lunar and Planetary Institute
Fred Hörz, NASA Johnson Space Center
Falko Langenhorst, University of Bayreuth
Jean Pohl, University of Munich
Buck Sharpton, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Dieter Stöffler, Humboldt University, Berlin

Michael Schieber, Chair, Rieskratermuseum, Nördlingen
Thomas Kenkmann, Co-Chair, Humboldt University, Berlin
Gisela Pösges, Co-Chair, Rieskratermuseum, Nördlingen
Falko Langenhorst, University of Bayreuth
Jean Pohl, University of Munich
Peter Schiele, City of Nördlingen

The Third International Conference on Large Meteorite Impacts (formerly Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution) will be held August 5–7, 2003, at the Klösterle, Nördlingen. A map of the location is accessible under "Stadtplan" (city plan) at www.noerdlingen.de/tourismus/start_tourismus.htm.

The three-day meeting will be organized by topical sessions and problem-oriented sessions. Morning sessions will run from 8:00 a.m. to about 12:00, and afternoon sessions will run from 1:30 until 5:15 p.m. A poster session is scheduled for the evening of the first day, with posters remaining on display throughout the entire meeting. Posters should be set up on August 05, 2003, prior to the poster session scheduled for 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

The preliminary program and abstracts for the conference are now available. The organizing committee received a large number of abstracts for oral presentations and regrettably had to move a considerable number of them to poster presentations.

Please note that author notification letters will NOT be mailed out, so authors need to check the program to determine where their presentation has been scheduled.

The conference will address a wide range of topics relating to planetary impacts and their effects on planetary crusts, climate, life on Earth, rocks, and rock-forming minerals.

Oral presentations will be structured for 15 minutes speaking time and 5 minutes for discussion and speaker transition.

Oral Presentations: Audio-visual equipment available for oral presentations includes two slide projectors, two overhead projectors for transparencies, and two LCD projectors for electronic presentations.

Special Requirements for Electronic Presentations: Participants who want to use electronic presentations must turn in their presentation half a day before their talk. Presentations for Tuesday morning must be turned in Monday evening (at the registration desk) during the Registration and Ice Breaker. The CD-ROM should be labeled with the speaker's name, abstract number, presentation date, and session name.

Presentations will be loaded in speaker order on session laptops. Presenters CANNOT use their own notebook PCs!

* IMPORTANT NOTE!! * LCD projector usage entails the risk of unforeseen hardware/software issues, so any speaker planning to use LCD projection is STRONGLY advised to also bring overhead transparencies as backup.

Poster Presentations: Maximum poster size is 100 × 100 cm. Presenters may install their posters prior to the poster session, Tuesday evening, 5:30–7:00 p.m. Posters will be on display during the entire conference.

The proceedings volume will be published as a special GSA paper. Details will be provided at the conference.

There are two international airports relatively close to Nördlingen: Frankfurt/Main and München (Munich). Nördlingen can be reached from these cities by rail. For a schedule see www.bahn.de (non-German-speaking guests should visit http://www.bahn.de/pv/uebersicht/die_bahn_international_guests.shtml).

At both airports, travelers have access to the rail system (Frankfurt) or subway [Munich, S-Bahn to the Hauptbahnhof (central railway station)]. The railway stations in Frankfurt and München have information offices that can assist you in obtaining your rail ticket. All major international car rental agencies have offices at these two airports. Travel time to Nördlingen by car is about 3 hours from Munich and about 4 hours from Frankfurt. You do not need a vehicle in Nördlingen. All hotels in the city are within walking distance from the Klösterle (bring an umbrella, though!).

The Web site of the city of Nördlingen (see above) also provides information on travel by rail or car to Nördlingen.

Further information on travel is accessible at the Tourist Information Office Web site at http://www.noerdlingen.de/tourismus/start_tourismus.htm.

Participants are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. Information is available from the

Marktplatz 2
86720 Nördlingen im Ries
Phone: (09081) 84116
Fax: (09081) 84113
E-mail: verkehrsamt@noerdlingen.de

Participants are encouraged to make reservations early. August is travel season in Europe and hotels fill up quickly. There are a number of hotels and inns in Nördlingen that offer accommodations (for inns see "Gasthöfe" under Unterkunft/Gastronomie at the above Web site).

Monday Evening, August 4: Registration and Ice-Breaker —
A reception, including registration, will be held at the Rieskrater-Museum. The location of the museum is shown on the Stadtplan. Participants arriving after Monday night will be able to register at the Klösterle meeting site on Tuesday.

Wednesday Evening, August 6: Dinner (sponsored by Märker Zementwerke AG) —
Conference attendees and guests are invited to attend a Bavarian dinner in the historical village of Harburg, famous for its castle. Transportation from Nördlingen to Harburg will be provided. The trip to Harburg will include a visit of the Märker cement factory.

Thursday Evening, August 7: Public Lecture —
A public lecture, in German, on "Meteoriteneinschläge in der Erdgeschichte: Armageddon und die Realität" will be presented by Christian Koeberl (University of Vienna). Details will be provided at the registration desk.

(1) Guided Walking Tour of Nördlingen — Nördlingen is a beautiful city with a medieval flavor. A guided walking tour through the historical city center will be offered. All participants will receive a Museum Card of the City of Nördlingen that provides free admission to the historical town museum (Stadtmuseum), the town wall museum (Stadtmauermuseum), the Thiemig gallery, and the church tower. The Rieskrater-Museum is open at no charge to all conference attendees during the time of the conference.

(2) Sightseeing Tour of Ries Crater — The local organizing committee has made arrangements for a guided day-tour to some equally beautiful towns and points of interest within the Ries crater in the vicinity of Nördlingen: the castles of Harburg and Baldern, the monastery of Neresheim, etc. The fee is 25 EUR.

More information on both tours will be provided during the conference at the registration desk.

August 3 and 4, 2003:
Attendees at the annual Meteoritical Society meeting (July 28–August 1, 2003) are welcome to use the MetSoc post-meeting field trip to the Ries and Steinheim impact craters to get to the Nördlingen meeting from Münster. You can also join this field trip in Nördlingen, but you must register with the MetSoc field trip organizers and make special arrangements (please visit the MetSoc meeting Web site) or contact Dieter Stöffler.

August 8 and 9, 2003 (2 two-day field trips):
(1) The Ries Impact Crater — Ejecta processes and impact formations (D. Stöffler). This field trip primarily focuses on outcrops of suevite, bunte breccia, and impact melt rocks.
Fee: 60 EUR (including lunches)

(2) The Ries and Steinheim Impact Craters — Structure, geophysics, and crater modification (T. Kenkmann, J. Pohl, and W. Reiff). This field trip focuses on outcrops of the displaced crater floor and of the megablock zone of the Ries and Steinheim structures.
Fee: 60 EUR (including lunches)

Participants can register by submitting the downloadable Registration form by (air) mail for arrival at Nördlingen no later than July 1, 2003. Credit card payments will not be accepted for the meeting. Registration payments can be made by check, money order, or bank transfer only. The social events are included in the registration fees for participants and guests. [The currency is the Euro (EUR), which is worth about 1.15 US dollars, as of May 2003.]

A fee of 120 EUR (students 80 EUR) will be assessed each participant to cover conference services. You must register and prepay by July 1, 2003, to avoid a 30 EUR late fee. Participants who state on the registration form that they have currency exchange problem may pay in cash at the meeting and avoid the 30 EUR late fee.

NOTE: Requests for cancellations will only be accepted through July 10, 2003. There will be a 10 EUR processing fee deducted from all refunds. Those who fail to attend and do not notify the conference treasurer at rieskratermuseum@noerdlingen.de prior to July 10, 2003, will forfeit their full fee.

Meeting Organizers
Burkhard Dressler, Lunar and Planetary Institute
E-mail: burkhard@attcanada.ca

Thomas Kenkmann, Humboldt University, Berlin
E-mail: thomas.kenkmann@rz.hu-berlin.de

Michael Schieber and Gisela Poesges, Rieskratermuseum, Nördlingen
E-mail: rieskratermuseum@noerdlingen.de

For questions concerning meeting logistics, please contact
Kimberly Taylor
LPI Publications and Program Services Dept.
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston TX 77058-1113
Phone: 281-486-2151
Fax: 281-486-2125
E-mail: taylor@lpi.usra.edu

July 1, 2003Preregistration deadline
August 3–4, 2003Preconference field trip, Ries and
Steinheim impact craters
August 5–7, 2003Third International Conference on
Large Meteorite Impacts in Nördlingen
August 8–9, 2003Postconference field trips, Ries and
Steinheim impact craters

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