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The 33rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference will be held on March 11–15, 2002. All technical sessions, both oral and poster, will be held at the South Shore Harbour Resort & Conference Center, 2500 South Shore Boulevard, League City, TX 77573 (phone: 281-334-1000 or 800-442-5005). Note that the location and dates for the conference are different from what was originally advertised in the first announcement; for more information, please refer to the document entitled "Critical Notice Regarding Change in Venue and Dates for the 33rd LPSC".

The four-and-a-half day conference will be organized by topical symposia and problem-oriented sessions. Please read carefully the section below that explains the new policies regarding the number of abstracts that can be submitted per first author. The program committee reserves the right to make all decisions on the mode of presentation to ensure a balance of as many important new research results as possible. Selection criteria will be based on the relevance of the subject matter to the conference and the quality of the science. All decisions made by the program committee will be final. Requests to present papers that are not supported by informative abstracts will be denied.

Oral presentations will be scheduled during the conference to allow 10 minutes for speaking and 5 minutes for discussion and speaker transition. Poster presentations will be scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. Authors of papers selected and scheduled for poster presentations must be available to display and discuss their results in the poster area during the assigned time period. Each poster will have a space 44" × 44" for display. Requests for tables, computers, video equipment, etc., cannot be honored due to the limited space available for poster displays.

All abstracts for special sessions, whether invited or contributed, must be submitted by the advertised deadlines for consideration by the program committee. No abstract submitted after the deadline will be included on line or in the abstracts published on CD-ROM, regardless of special session status. Remember that in accordance with the new abstract submission policies described below, abstracts CONTRIBUTED to a special session will be counted against first authors as one of the two abstracts they can submit. Exceptions to this policy will only be made for INVITED abstracts.

Masursky Lecture
The Masursky Lecture will be given during a special plenary session that will be held Monday afternoon from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. The lecture topic and speaker will be included in the final announcement.

Special Session on Early Lunar Cratering and the
Impact Chronology of the Terrestrial Planets

This session will deal with the early (pre-3.5 Ga) cratering history and potential heavy bombardment, or lunar cataclysm, of the Moon and the terrestrial planets. New geochemical and geochronological data (e.g., Ar-Ar ages of lunar impact melts, siderophile abundances from 3.85-Ga terrestrial rocks) has been critical in our reevaluation of this topic. However, dynamic scenarios and models have raised questions about the sources and lifetimes of early impactors (e.g., highly inclined planetesimals left over from accretion, small bodies destabilized by the delayed formation of Uranus and Neptune). The idea of a "lunar cataclysm" is still contested, but has important implications for our understanding of the surface ages of other planets and the early evolution of life on Earth. Contributions are sought from a broad range of geochemical, geochronological, geophysical, and biogeoscience disciplines to address the timing and spatial extent of early lunar cratering. Authors wishing to contribute an abstract to this session should select the topic "Special session:  Early lunar cratering" on the abstract submission form.

Special Session on Preliminary Results from the Mars Odyssey Mission
A special session will be held to discuss preliminary results from the Mars Odyssey mission. Contributed abstracts are being solicited for this session, and interested authors should select the topic "Special session:  Mars Odyssey results" on the abstract submission form.

NRC Decadal Survey Town Hall Meeting
Based on a request from NASA Headquarters, the NRC is pursuing a Decadal Survey of Solar System Exploration. Four survey panels (inner planets, giant planets, primitive bodies, and large satellites) are currently holding meetings across the country, and the steering group is charged with compiling a report for presentation to the NRC. In an effort to inform the scientific community about the current status of the survey, a special session is being planned for Wednesday afternoon. Topics to be covered include the general nature of issues considered most significant, as well as the direction the survey has taken by the time of LPSC. Contributed abstracts are NOT being solicited. The session will be organized by the steering committee chair, Michael Belton (belton@azstarnet.com).

Education/Public Outreach Workshop for Scientists  —
"From the Ivory Tower to the Global Village:  Getting Involved to Help Educate Humans of all Hues"

On Sunday, March 10, LPI will again offer a one-day pre-conference workshop for scientists interested in becoming more involved in education and public outreach. This year's program, the fifth in the series, will explore the complex social and cultural values, attitudes, and priorities that lead to disparate representation of minorities and women in science. Through a mixture of short lectures and group discussions we will examine why individual scientists should be interested and involved, and what roles can be played to help equalize the imbalance and affect positive systemic change. In addition, media representatives will help us to consider how scientists are typically stereotyped in print, television, radio, and on the Internet, and what changes might be possible to stimulate broader interest in science and scientific careers. This workshop is free, and those wishing to attend may register using the electronic registration form provided. For more information, contact Kathleen Johnson (johnson@lpi.usra.edu) or Pamela Thompson (thompson@lpi.usra.edu).

Chili Cookoff and Barbecue Dinner
The chili cookoff and barbecue dinner will be held on Wednesday, March 13, from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. Chili cookoff team entry forms are due at LPI by February 15, 2002. To encourage both out-of-town and local teams to enter, the winning categories will include:

Best Presentation
Best Chili Overall
Best Out-of-Town Chili (that hasn't already won)
Best Local Chili (that hasn't already won)
Most Unusual Chili (that's a polite way to say booby prize)
Because the conference staff cannot provide cooking equipment, the "preparation on site" rule common to most cookoffs will be waived to encourage more team participation. Chili teams may NOT serve alcoholic beverages to the conference participants and guests. Teams may serve only chili or other food items at their station. Remember that the goal of this event is fun, not serious cooking competition. Join in by entering your team to compete against great secret recipes and creative cooking station decorations.

Combined Publisher's Exhibit
A Combined Publisher's Exhibit will be held during the conference. This week-long event provides an opportunity for LPSC participants to review new publications in the fields of lunar and planetary sciences, astronomy, astrophysics, geology, geophysics, atmospheric sciences, mathematics, computer science applications, remote sensing, and image processing applications. Publishers and authors are invited to submit materials related to these fields for display at this exhibit. Previous exhibits have featured books, journals, maps, globes, posters, images, slide sets, and CD-ROMs, along with advertising materials, catalogs, and order forms. A comprehensive exhibit catalog listing all items on display, all participating publishers, and contact information will be made available to conference participants at the exhibit. No sales will be permitted, and all submitted materials will become the property of the Lunar and Planetary Institute. For more information, contact Linda Chappell at 281-486-2103 or chappell@lpi.usra.edu.

The Stephen E. Dwornik Planetary Student Paper Awards are given for the best student research presentations at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. The purpose of these awards is to provide encouragement, motivation, and recognition to our most outstanding future planetary scientists. The awards are administered through the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America.

Two awards are given annually:  one for an oral presentation and one for a poster presentation. The awards are open to U.S. citizens who are currently enrolled as students at any degree level in the field of planetary geosciences. Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible. Only one abstract per student will be considered for the award. The student must be the senior author of the abstract and the material should not have been previously presented at another meeting. Judging will be based on both the written abstract and the presentation. To apply for the award, students MUST complete the student award application form and MUST send the original application, with an original signature by their advisor, to LPI on or before the deadline of December 19, 2001.

The LPSC program committee will establish the conference program on the basis of submitted abstracts. Researchers in all appropriate scientific disciplines are invited to submit abstracts that may not exceed TWO pages, including graphics, tables, and references. The abstracts and preliminary program should be available on line no later than January 18, 2002. These files will be in PDF format, viewable with version 4.0 or higher of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe home page. Abstract volumes in CD-ROM format will be available at the time of registration.

Abstract Submission Policies
There will be a limit of TWO abstracts per first author for oral or poster presentation requests. Because this is an interdisciplinary meeting, and many members of our community have more than one field of research, we felt that it was important to not force those for whom this is the case to choose one field over another. Authors submitting two abstracts will be asked to rank them in order of preference.

In an effort to promote the dissemination of research from members of the community who may not be able to attend the meeting, print-only abstracts will still be allowed, but ONLY from those authors who are NOT submitting an abstract for oral or poster presentation. In other words, if you're requesting a print-only abstract, you cannot submit an abstract for any other type of presentation. Authors are limited to ONE print-only request.

The program committee will strictly enforce the above policies. Abstracts submitted in violation of these policies will be rejected. The only exception will be for those who are invited to give a talk at a special session (e.g., the Masursky Lecture, or a special topical session). Those abstracts will not be counted against authors as one of the two abstracts they are allowed to submit.

Policy Regarding File Sizes
The number and complexity of abstract files submitted to this meeting have exhausted the resources available on a single CD-ROM. We must now institute a policy regarding the sizes of files that can be submitted. If you are submitting in PDF format, your file cannot be larger than 1 MB. Files of any other type must be no larger than 2 MB (conversion to PDF will substantially reduce the file size). We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

The electronic abstract deadline is 6:00 p.m. CST (local time in Houston), WEDNESDAY, December 19, 2001. No exceptions will be made for late abstracts. Whether the problem is blizzards, loss of electricity, or anything else beyond your control, your abstract must be received at the LPI by the deadline in order to be considered by the program committee. If you discover that you are having difficulty submitting your abstract on the Web site, please e-mail or call us immediately (publish@lpi.usra.edu or 281-486-2188 or -2164) so that we will have time to assist you.

Preparation of Abstracts
Abstracts can be submitted in any of the following formats:  PDF (preferred), PostScript, Microsoft Word for the PC and Mac, WordPerfect for the PC (versions 7 and 8 ONLY), and rich text format (RTF). Templates and detailed instructions are provided. After you prepare your abstract file, you will have to fill out the electronic abstract submission form and upload the file containing your abstract (instructions are provided on the form). Abstracts sent by e-mail will NOT be considered.

Remember that electronic transmission of files is not always instantaneous; gateways can temporarily be shut down, local routers can fail, network traffic can be very heavy, etc. Because your abstract file must be RECEIVED at the LPI by 6:00 p.m., it's in your best interest to submit early to allow for possible delays in transmission. Because of the number of abstracts received and the time required to process them, exceptions cannot be made for anyone, regardless of the reason. Please start early so we'll have time to assist you should you run into technical difficulties.

Provision for Hard-Copy Submission
If for some reason you will be unable to submit your abstract electronically, you must contact the LPI by fax (281-486-2125) to request the necessary forms and instructions for submitting by hard copy. These requests must be accompanied by a valid fax number, phone number, and e-mail address (we often have technical problems trying to reach fax numbers, particularly those outside the U.S.). The deadline for hard-copy submissions is December 12, 2001. Hard-copy submissions received after that date will be automatically returned to the author.

A fee of $55 ($30 for students) will be assessed each participant to cover conference services. You must preregister and prepay by February 15, 2002, to avoid the $20 late fee. Foreign participants who state on the registration form that they have a currency exchange problem may pay in cash at the meeting and avoid the $20 late fee if they return the form by February 15, 2002. Participants registering by credit card may use the electronic registration form; those registering using any other method of payment should use the downloadable preregistration form. Requests for cancellation with a fee refund (less a $10.00 processing fee) will only be accepted through February 22, 2002.

NOTE:  Those who fail to attend and do not notify the LPI Program Services Department prior to the February 22 deadline will forfeit their full fee.

Sunday Night Registration and Reception
Sunday evening, March 10, 2002, registration and a reception will be held at the LPI from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. The location of the LPI is shown on the area map. Shuttle buses will operate from selected hotels to LPI on Sunday night. Participants arriving after Sunday night will be able to register on site at the hotel.

South Shore Harbour Resort & Conference Center is an award-winning hotel on the shores of Clear Lake (phone:  281-334-1000; fax:  281-334-1157), approximately a 20-minute drive from the LPI. The LPI has negotiated with the hotel to offer standard rooms (single or double occupancy) for $95.00 per night. While this rate is higher than the GSA rate for this area (see note below), it is substantially less than the normal corporate rate for this hotel. To qualify for these rates, you must identify yourself as an LPSC participant. The numbers of rooms are limited, so we encourage participants to make their reservations early.

Please note that South Shore Harbour is located in Galveston County, so the current GSA rate is $76.00; the rate for Harris County, in which the LPI and most of the other Clear Lake hotels are located, is $73.00.

The hotel provides complimentary shuttle service to and from Hobby Airport and Ellington Field (requires 24-hour-advance reservations). Clear Lake Shuttle (281-334-3873) is available to provide transportation to or from George Bush Intercontinental Airport for $85.00 (one way; $10.00 per additional person).

Registered guests will have access to the following amenities:  complimentary covered parking, marina with rentals for water sports, a 185-foot tropical pool with heated jacuzzi, 70,000-square-foot fitness center, and golfing privileges at South Shore Harbour Country Club (greens fees extra). There are also a number of area babysitting services that will provide child care at the hotel for a fee; a list of these services is available upon request from the hotel.

There are a number of other hotels in the Clear Lake area, and we have negotiated special rates at most of them. Remember to ask for the LPSC rate when you make your reservations. The local area map shows the locations of the LPI, South Shore Harbour, and other local hotels.

Conference shuttle buses will provide service between most hotels on the enclosed list (see hotel list for exceptions), South Shore Harbour, and the LPI. There will be rotational runs in the morning, at the close of sessions, and during special events. Shuttle buses will make hourly stops at LPI throughout conference week. Your conference badge will serve as your bus ticket. A detailed shuttle schedule will be provided to all registered participants. Shuttle service will also be available to and from the Chili Cookoff on Wednesday evening.

For further information, contact the LPI (logistics:  281-486-2123; abstracts:  281-486-2188 or -2164; registration:  281-486-2142).

DECEMBER 12, 2001, 6:00 p.m. (CST)
Deadline for hard-copy submission of abstracts
(hard-copy abstracts received after this date will be immediately returned to the author)

DECEMBER 19, 2001, 6:00 p.m. (CST)
Deadline for electronic submission of abstracts
(no abstracts will be accepted after this time)
Deadline for student award application forms (with original signature of advisor)

JANUARY 18, 2002
Final announcement, preliminary program, and abstracts available on this Web site
(no hard copy of the final announcement will be mailed)

FEBRUARY 15, 2002
Deadline for preregistration at reduced rate
Deadline for Chili Cookoff team entries

MARCH 10, 2002
Reception and registration at the LPI from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

MARCH 11–15, 2002
33rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

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