Lunar and Planetary Institute


The shuttle service for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference is divided into separate routes depending on the location of the hotels. You may find which route your hotel is on by looking at the 2007 Hotel List by Shuttle Route. Then you can click on the link to each individual color-coded shuttle route information sheet. This will include all the times for pick up at the various hotels for the Sunday Night Open House/Registration at the LPI and each day/afternoon/evening of the conference.

If you already know which route your hotel is on, you may download the information for your route by clicking on one of the schedules below:

Blue-Route #1

Green-Route #2

Red-Route #3

If you are staying at the South Shore Harbour Hotel and need shuttle service to the Sunday Night Open House/Registration at the LPI, download the following schedule:

South Shore Harbour Hotel—Sunday Night Shuttle Schedule



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