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41st LPSC  —  Media Advisory #1




January 29, 2010

Contact:  Mary Cloud

Members of the working press and news media are invited to attend the 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), March 1–5, 2010, to be held at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Convention Center, The Woodlands, Texas.

LPSC brings together international specialists in petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, and astrobiology, and astronomy to present the most recent results in lunar and planetary science. Members of the media who are interested in a firsthand opportunity to discover breaking news about the latest results from an international field of scientists conducting space and planetary science research will not want to miss this five-day conference.

The program and abstracts of 1623 presentations (525 oral; 1098 poster) are now available on our website.

Sessions will focus on a broad range of topics in planetary science, including the following:

  • Cosmochemical Origins
  • Differentiated Bodies
  • Early Solar System Chronology
  • Exobiology
  • Impacts
  • Interplanetary Dust Particles and Presolar/Solar Grains
  • Mars Geomorphology
  • Martian Geochemistry
  • Material and Environmental Analogs
  • Mercury
  • Moon
  • Outer Planets/Satellites/Rings
  • Planetary Atmospheres
  • Planetary Differentiation
  • Planetary Dynamics and Tectonics
  • Planetary Igneous Processes
  • Planetary Mission, Instrument, and Payload Concepts
  • Small Bodies
  • Undifferentiated Bodies
  • Venus

Special sessions at the 41st LPSC are:

  • Monday morning —  A New Moon:  Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Results
  • Monday afternoon —  Water in the Solar System:  Incorporation into Primitive Bodies and Evolution
  • Tuesday morning —  A New Moon:  LCROSS, Chandrayaan, and Chang’E-1
  • Tuesday afternoon —   Water in the Solar System:  Moon
  • Wednesday afternoon —  A New Moon:  Spectral Constraints on Lunar Crustal Composition
  • Thursday afternoon —  Characterizing Near-Earth Objects
  • Thursday afternoon —  A New Moon:  Lunar Volcanism and Impact

For more detailed information about the conference, please read the final announcement.





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