Lunar and Planetary Institute

Steps to Planning a Meeting

As part of our service to the planetary science community, the Institute provides meeting organization services for a limited number of meetings annually, without assessing service fees typically charged by commercial conference event planners.  The experienced staff at the Lunar and Planetary Institute will work with conveners to ensure a successful event.

1.  Complete and submit the meeting request form.  While the Institute would like to assist every convener who requests our help, we do have limited resources.  This form will provide us with the information required to clearly understand the vision for your meeting and allow us to quickly give you an estimate of ways in which we may be able to assist you.

Requested meetings must be within the scope of the Institute’s objectives, and must be of interest to the planetary science community.

2.  Propose preferred dates and venue.   After initial determination that your meeting falls within the scope of the LPI’s objectives, an assessment of our ability to provide support will be based on such as factors as dates of your event, the services you require, and your choice of venue. 

When the Director has approved Institute sponsorship for your meeting, the staff of meeting coordinators will work with you to clarify these details and establish an initial timeline of events leading up to your meeting.  Our computer department will establish a webpage for your event.

3.   Provide text for first announcement.   The first announcement of your meeting will be posted on our website approximately 8 months prior to the event, and email notification of the posting will be sent to our list of more than 1500 community members.  Our graphic artists will work with the convener to arrange for an appropriate logo or image to identify the meeting.  Draft text provided by the organizer will include general logistical information such as date, location, organizing committee, and description of the meeting.

4. Provide text for second announcement.  Six weeks prior to the abstract deadline, the second announcement with the call for abstracts, registration forms, and detailed logistical information will be posted on our website.  The organizer will provide the list of topics and basic description of meeting format.  Our staff will provide technical information regarding submission of abstracts.

5. Abstract deadline.  The deadline for abstract submission through our website is approximately ten to twelve weeks before the meeting.

6. Finalize program.   Approximately one week after the abstract deadline, a designated program committee will receive abstracts for review.  Reviewers are typically given two weeks to assign abstracts for presentation and establish a meeting schedule.

The Institute generally will not provide funds for speaker travel.  Such travel grants must either be covered by the meeting registration fee or by outside sponsorship.
7.  Provide text for final announcement.  Five to six weeks prior to the meeting the final announcement including the program and abstracts is posted on our website.

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