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Last update: 28 Jan 2015
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Carlton Official 1887 Texas, USA Iron, IAB-sLM 81.2 kg Google Earth   
Carthage Official 1840 Tennessee, USA Iron, IIIAB 127 kg Google Earth   
Carver ** Official 1935 Alabama, USA Iron, IIAB 94 kg 59 Google Earth   
Casas Grandes Official 1867 Chihuahua, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 1.55 t Google Earth   
Casey County Official 1877 Kentucky, USA Iron, IAB-MG 723 g Google Earth   
Casimiro de Abreu Official 1947 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Iron, IIIAB 25 kg Google Earth   
Castray River Official 1899 Tasmania, Australia Iron 10 g Google Earth   
Catalina 003 ** Official 1999 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IVB 3.18 kg 101 Google Earth   
Cedartown Official 1898 Georgia, USA Iron, IIAB 11.3 kg Google Earth   
Cerro del Inca ** Official 1997 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIIF 20.6 kg 84 Google Earth   
Chambord Official 1904 Quebec, Canada Iron, IIIAB 6.6 kg Google Earth   
Chañaral Official 1884 Atacama, Chile Iron, IIIAB 1207 g Google Earth  paired in cat with Ilimaes (iron) 
Charcas Official 1804 San Luis Potosi, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 1.4 t Google Earth   
Charlotte Official Y 1835 Tennessee, USA Iron, IVA 4.3 kg Google Earth   
Chebankol Official 1938 Kemerovskaya oblast', Russia Iron, IAB-sHL 127.8 kg Google Earth   
Cheder ** Official 2003 Respublika Tyva, Russia Iron, IID 5.39 kg 88 Google Earth   
Chesterville Official 1849 South Carolina, USA Iron, IIAB 16.5 kg Google Earth   
Chico Mountains Official 1915 Texas, USA Iron, IIAB 212 g Google Earth   
Chihuahua City Official 1929 Chihuahua, Mexico Iron, IC 54 kg Google Earth   
Chilkoot Official 1881 Alaska, USA Iron, IIIAB 43 kg Google Earth   
Chinautla Official 1902 Guatemala, Guatemala Iron, IVA-an 5.72 kg Google Earth   
Chinga ** Official 1913 Respublika Tyva, Russia Iron, ungrouped 209.4 kg 13 Google Earth   
Chisenga ** Official Y 1988 Northern, Malawi Iron, IIIAB 3.92 kg 72 Google Earth   
Chlumec Undocumented 1993 Vychodocesky, Czech Republic Iron, ungrouped 3 kg Google Earth   
Chuckwalla ** Official 1992 California, USA Iron, IAB-MG 1802 g 87 Google Earth   
Chulafinnee Official 1873 Alabama, USA Iron, IIIAB 16.22 kg Google Earth   
Chupaderos Official 1852 Chihuahua, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 24.3 t Google Earth   
Cincinnati Official 1870 Ohio, USA Iron, IIAB 1500 g Google Earth   
Clark County Official 1937 Kentucky, USA Iron, IIIF 11.3 kg Google Earth   
Cleburne Official 1907 Texas, USA Iron, IVA 6.8 kg Google Earth   
Cleveland Official 1860 Georgia?, USA Iron, IIIAB 115 kg Google Earth   
Clinton Official 1950 Tennessee, USA Iron 7.7 kg Google Earth   
Coahuila Official 1837 Coahuila, Mexico Iron, IIAB 2.1 t Google Earth   
Coldwater (iron) Official 1923 Kansas, USA Iron 18.4 kg Google Earth   
Colfax Official 1880 North Carolina, USA Iron, IAB-ung 2.3 kg Google Earth   
Colomera ** Official 1912 Andalucia, Spain Iron, IIE 134 kg 22 Google Earth   
Colonia Obrera ** Official 1973 Durango, Mexico Iron, IIIE 12.2 kg 58 Google Earth   
Colorado Springs Official 1950 Colorado, USA Iron   Google Earth   
Colton ** Official 1993 Washington, USA Iron, IIIAB 19.67 kg 77 Google Earth   
Comanche (iron) ** Official 1940 Texas, USA Iron, IAB-sLL 19.7 kg 8 Google Earth   
Cookeville Official 1913 Tennessee, USA Iron, IAB-ung 2.3 kg Google Earth   
Coolac Official 1874 New South Wales, Australia Iron, IAB-MG 19.28 kg Google Earth   
Coopertown Official 1860 Tennessee, USA Iron, IIIE 16.8 kg Google Earth   
Copiapo Official 1863 Atacama, Chile Iron, IAB-MG 20 kg Google Earth   
Corowa ** Official 1964 New South Wales, Australia Iron, IIF 11.34 kg 31 Google Earth   
Corrizatillo Official 1884 Atacama, Chile Iron, IAB complex 1328 g Google Earth   
Cosby's Creek Official 1837 Tennessee, USA Iron, IAB-MG 960 kg Google Earth   
Cosmo Newberry ** Official 1980 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIAB 2.16 kg 61 Google Earth   
Costilla Peak Official 1881 New Mexico, USA Iron, IIIAB 35.5 kg Google Earth   
Cotopaxi ** Official 2000 Colorado, USA Iron, IAB-ung 243 g 89 Google Earth   

Information deriving from MetBull 101 or later is still subject to change by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee.

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