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Last update: 13 Apr 2014
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Alwal Doubtful Y 1901 Andhra Pradesh, India Doubtful Iron     Google Earth   
Ameca-Ameca Official 1889 Jalisco, Mexico Iron 1.2 g   Google Earth   
Angelica Official 1916 Wisconsin, USA Iron, IIIAB 14.8 kg   Google Earth   
Annaheim Official 1916 Saskatchewan, Canada Iron, IAB-sLL 13.5 kg   Google Earth   
Anoka ** Official 1961 Minnesota, USA Iron, IAB-sLM 1108 g 32   Google Earth   
Answer ** Official 1970 Queensland, Australia Iron 11.2 kg 54   Google Earth   
Anyujskij ** Official 1981 Chukotskiy avtonomnyy okrug, Russia Iron, IIAB 100 kg 60   Google Earth   
Apache Junction ** Official before 2005 Arizona, USA Iron, IIIAB 25 kg 100   Google Earth   
Apoala Official 1889 Oaxaca, Mexico Iron, IIIAB 85 kg   Google Earth   
Aprel'sky ** Official 1969 Amurskaya oblast', Russia Iron, IIIAB 54.6 kg 48   Google Earth   
ar-Rakhbah Official 1955 Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia Iron 462 g   Google Earth   
Arabella Official 1955 New Mexico, USA Iron 1000 g      
Argonia Official 1940 Kansas, USA Pallasite, PMG-an 84 g   Google Earth   
Ariah Park ** Official 1932 New South Wales, Australia Iron, IIIAB 7.25 kg 102   Google Earth   
Arispe Official 1896 Sonora, Mexico Iron, IC 683 kg   Google Earth   
Arlington Official 1894 Minnesota, USA Iron, IIE-an 8.94 kg   Google Earth   
Arltunga Official 1908 Northern Territory, Australia Iron, IID-an 18.1 kg   Google Earth   
Armanty Official 1898 Xinjiang, China Iron, IIIE 28 t   Google Earth   
Asarco Mexicana Official   (unknown) Iron, IIIAB        
Asheville Official 1839 North Carolina, USA Iron, IIIAB 800 g   Google Earth   
Ashfork Official 1901 Arizona, USA Iron, IAB-MG 27 kg   Google Earth   
Assamakka ** Official 2002 Agadez, Niger Iron, IVA-an 4.4 kg 100   Google Earth   
Asuka 87106 ** A-87106 Official 1987 Antarctica Mesosiderite 35.2 g J10(1) NIPR Google Earth   
Asuka 881020 A-881020 Official 1988 Antarctica CH3 52.1 g J12(1) NIPR Google Earth   
Asuka 881154 ** A-881154 Official 1988 Antarctica Mesosiderite 688 g J13(1) NIPR Google Earth   
Asuka 881541 A-881541 Official 1988 Antarctica CH3 49.1 g J13(1) NIPR Google Earth   
Asuka 881691 A-881691 Official 1988 Antarctica CH3 9.1 g J13(1) NIPR Google Earth   
Asuka 882023 A-882023 Official 1988 Antarctica Mesosiderite 1115 g  NIPR Google Earth   
Aswan ** Official 1955 Al Wadi al Jadid, Egypt Iron, IAB-ung 12 kg 15   Google Earth   
Auburn Official 1867 Alabama, USA Iron, IIG 3.63 kg   Google Earth   
Augusta County Official 1858 Virginia, USA Iron, IIIAB 76 kg   Google Earth   
Augustinovka Official 1890 Zaporozh'ye, Ukraine Iron, IIIAB 400 kg   Google Earth   
Australia Doubtful 1880 Australia Doubtful pallasite 116 g      
Avce Official Y 1908 Slovenia Iron, IIAB 1230 g   Google Earth   
Avoca (Western Australia) Official 1966 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIIAB 37.85 kg   Google Earth   
Babb's Mill (Blake's Iron) Official 1876 Tennessee, USA Iron, ungrouped 136 kg   Google Earth   
Babb's Mill (Troost's Iron) Official 1842 Tennessee, USA Iron, ungrouped 6.4 kg   Google Earth   
Bacubirito Official 1863 Sinaloa, Mexico Iron, ungrouped 22 t   Google Earth   
Bagdad ** Official 1959 Arizona, USA Iron, IIIAB 2.2 kg 25   Google Earth   
Bagnone Official 1904 Toscana, Italy Iron, IIIAB 48 kg   Google Earth   
Bahjoi Official Y 1934 Uttar Pradesh, India Iron, IAB-sLL 10.32 kg   Google Earth   
Bald Eagle Official 1891 Pennsylvania, USA Iron, IIIAB 3.2 kg   Google Earth   
Balfour Downs Official 1962 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IAB-sLL 2.4 kg   Google Earth   
Ballarat ** Official 1867 Victoria, Australia Iron, IAB complex 15 g 87   Google Earth   
Ballinger Official 1927 Texas, USA Iron, IAB-MG 1250 g   Google Earth   
Ballinoo Official 1892 Western Australia, Australia Iron, IIC 42.2 kg   Google Earth   
Balsas ** Official 1974 Maranhao, Brazil Iron, IIIAB 41 kg 82   Google Earth   
Ban Rong Du ** Official Y 1993 Phetchabun, Thailand Iron, ungrouped 16.7 kg 82   Google Earth   
Baquedano Official 1932 Antofagasta, Chile Iron, IIIAB 22 kg   Google Earth   
Barbacena Official 1918 Minas Gerais, Brazil Iron, ungrouped 9.03 kg   Google Earth   

Information deriving from MetBull 100 or later is still subject to change by the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee.

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