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Last update: 24 Jan 2015
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Babb's Mill (Blake's Iron) Official 1876 Tennessee, USA Iron, ungrouped 136 kg Google Earth   
Babb's Mill (Troost's Iron) Official 1842 Tennessee, USA Iron, ungrouped 6.4 kg Google Earth   
Bristol Official 1937 Tennessee, USA Iron, IVA 20 kg Google Earth   
Campbell County Pseudo   Tennessee, USA Pseudometeorite 11.5 g    
Carthage Official 1840 Tennessee, USA Iron, IIIAB 127 kg Google Earth   
Charlotte Official Y 1835 Tennessee, USA Iron, IVA 4.3 kg Google Earth   
Clinton Official 1950 Tennessee, USA Iron 7.7 kg Google Earth   
Cookeville Official 1913 Tennessee, USA Iron, IAB-ung 2.3 kg Google Earth   
Coopertown Official 1860 Tennessee, USA Iron, IIIE 16.8 kg Google Earth   
Cosby's Creek Official 1837 Tennessee, USA Iron, IAB-MG 960 kg Google Earth   
Crab Orchard Official 1887 Tennessee, USA Mesosiderite-A1 48.5 kg Google Earth   
Drake Creek Official Y 1827 Tennessee, USA L6 5 kg Google Earth   
Flynn Creek ** Crater 360 ± 20 Ma Tennessee, USA Impact Crater   Google Earth  From Earth Impact Database 
Harriman (Of) Official 1947 or 1939 Tennessee, USA Iron, IVA 30 kg Google Earth   
Harriman (Om) Official 1938 Tennessee, USA Iron, IIIAB 13 kg Google Earth   
Jackson County Official 1846 Tennessee, USA Iron, IIIAB 450 g Google Earth   
Jonesboro Official 1891 Tennessee, USA Iron, IVA 30 g Google Earth   
Livingston (Tennessee) Official 1937 Tennessee, USA Iron, IAB-ung 235 g Google Earth   
Maryville ** Official Y 1983 Tennessee, USA L6 1443 g 62 Google Earth   
Morristown Official 1887 Tennessee, USA Mesosiderite-A3 16.3 kg Google Earth   
Murfreesboro Official 1847 Tennessee, USA Iron, ungrouped 8.6 kg Google Earth   
Palmersville ** Official 1908 Tennessee, USA H5 9.98 kg 86 Google Earth   
Petersburg Official Y 1855 Tennessee, USA Eucrite-pmict 1800 g Google Earth   
Savannah Official 1923 Tennessee, USA Iron, IIIAB 60 kg Google Earth   
Smithville ** Official 1840 Tennessee, USA Iron, IAB-MG 70.5 kg 26 Google Earth   
Tazewell Official 1853 Tennessee, USA Iron, IAB-sLH 27 kg Google Earth   
Waldron Ridge Official 1887 Tennessee, USA Iron, IAB complex 13.6 kg Google Earth   
Wells Creek ** Crater 200 ± 100 Ma Tennessee, USA Impact Crater   Google Earth  From Earth Impact Database 

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