This is the place to find materials you can use before, during, and after your InOMN event.

Before Your Event

Save-the-Date cards (4.9 inches x 6.9 inches)

2017 Save the Date Card

 For North American Event Hosts*

*A Save the Date card with no mention
of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse will be
available after 01 January 2017


InOMN Information Sheets

InOMN Info Sheet

Horizontal  |  Vertical


InOMN Event Flyer


Coming Soon for 2017!


Customize with your event information!

During Your Event

2016 Visitor Survey
Here you will find links to the online (Survey Monkey) 2016 InOMN Visitor Surveys as well as Word and PDF versions of the surveys. Feel free to adapt the survey for your event. If you have visitors complete the survey, you may scan and send them by email to or put the completed surveys in the mail and send them to:

Planetary Science Institute
Attn: Sanlyn Buxner
1700 E. Fort Lowell, Suite 106
Tucson, AZ 85719

Please see this PowerPoint presentation for information about the surveys and having a personalized survey created for your event. Contact Sanlyn Buxner,, for more information or to request a personalized survey (electronic or paper version). Your surveys will be transcribed and analyzed and a report emailed to you. Please include your contact information if you mail in surveys.

Online Visitor Survey

US Visitor Survey (Survey Monkey) 

Non-US Visitor Survey (Survey Monkey)

Paper Visitor Survey

US Visitor Survey  Word doc | PDF

Non-US Visitor Survey  Word doc | PDF

2017 Moon Map - Coming soon!
The 2017 Moon Maps will show the phase of the Moon as it will appear on International Observe the Moon Night, 28 October 2017 from the northern and southern hemisphere. A few interesting features visible that day will be highlighted on the front of the map and described on the back of the map. Encourage your visitors to look for the highlighted features – and explore the rest of the visible Moon with telescopes, binoculars, or their un-aided eyes!

Northern Hemisphere

Moon Phase on October 8 from the Northern Hemisphere

PDF  |  Word doc

Southern Hemisphere

Moon Phase on October 8 from the Southern Hemisphere

PDF  |  Word doc

Here is a selection of PowerPoint slides and recorded presentations that you can draw from, or share in full, to help teach your audience about the Moon.


Earth and Moon Statistics
This powerpoint was developed by LPI for use in
teacher workshops, but may be modified for individual use.

LRO Science Results and Ways to
Get Involved in NASA Lunar Science
PowerPoint (71 mb)  |  PDF (12 mb)
Andrea Jones, PSI/NASA Goddard


Lunar Phases and Eclipses
This powerpoint was developed by LPI for use in
teacher workshops, but may be modified for individual use.


Spudis Lunar Resources
Presentations given by various lunar scientists for a course on
lunar science at NASA’s Johnson Space Center
from June–October, 2008.

After Your Event

2016 Certificate of Participation

2016 InOMN Certificate of Participation

Invite your guests to enter their name, print and display
a certificate showing they were a part of InOMN 2016!


2016 InOMN Host Survey


If your event happened, please complete this survey.
If your event was cancelled for any reason, please complete this survey.


Other Materials

These materials are good for anytime!


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