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Moon Maps: Take Yourself on a Guided Lunar Tour!

Moon Map

Find out more about the features highlighted on your Moon map!

Copernicus Crater
Gassendi Crater
Kepler Crater
Mare Crisium
Mare Frigoris
Mare Imbrium 
Mare Nectaris
Mare Nubium
Mare Serenitatis
Mare Tranquillitatis
Schiller Crater
Sinus Iridum
Tycho Crater

Moon Observation Journals

Moon Observation Journals are month-long journals designed to encourage people to make regular observations of the Moon and to record their observations. As the journals do not contain specific dates, they may also be used as a resource for educators throughout the year to teach their students about lunar phases. These journals have a blank calendar on one side, where you are asked to draw the Moon as you see it each day and to record your observing notes. On the other side of the journal is a series of guided questions, to be answered after one month of observations is complete, that will further your understanding of the Moon's phases. The Moon Observation Journals may be used anytime of year. However, we encourage you to begin your Moon Observation Journal the day of InOMN and continue observing throughout the following month.

Participate in the InOMN Moon Observation Journal Contest! To participate, submit pictures of both sides of your completed Moon journal, accompanied by short statements of what you learned from your observations, to the Lunr Flickr group.  All qualifying submissions will be rewarded with certificates of completion and entered into a random drawing for a Galileoscope.

Star Charts

Assemble your own star chart to find your away around the night sky! Below are star charts for both the northern and southern hemisphere.

Northern Hemisphere (includes a special star chart for September 18, 2010 only)

Northern Hemisphere (for printing on 11” x 17” paper; does NOT include special star chart for September 18, 2010 only)

Southern Hemisphere (includes a special star chart for September 18, 2010 only)


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