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July 2009 OPAG Meeting


July 14, 2009

Headquarters Update
James L. Green, NASA Headquarters

PSS Update
Fran Bagenal, University of Colorado

Outer Planets Update
Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters

ESJM STD/Instrument Workshop
Ron Greeley, Arizona State University

Titan Working Group
Zibi Turtle, APL

Decadal Survey
Amy Simon-Miller, GSFC

Satellites Panel
John Spencer, SwRI

OPAG White Paper
William McKinnon, Washington University

Giant Planet Atmospheres
Glenn Orton, JPL

David Williams, ASU

Cynthia Phillips, SETI

Titan Geophysical Network
Ralph Lorenz, APL

Tom Spilker, JPL

Thermal Protection Systems
E. Venkatapathy, ARC

Argo Mission
Candice Hansen, JPL

Instrumentation & Infrastructure
Pat Beauchamp, JPL

Space Weathering
John Cooper, GSFC

Time Domain Observatory
Mike Wong, UC Berkeley

Galilean Satellites Map Book
Paul Schenk, Lunar and Planetary Institute

Nathan Strange, JPL


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