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March 2011 OPAG Meeting


Thursday, March 17

Introduction and Goals
Bill McKinnon, Washington University

PSD Update
Jim Green, NASA Headquarters

Outer Planets Program Update
Curt Niebur, NASA Headquarters

Decadal Survey
Steve Squyres, Cornell University
Amy Simon-Miller, Goddard Space Flight Center

PSD Decadal Implementation
Jim Green, NASA Headquarters

Europa Libration Detection Possibility
Jean-Luc Margot, University of California, Los Angeles

Friday, March 18

Laplace Mission
Michele Dougherty, Imperial College, London
Olivier Grasset, University of Nantes
Christian Erd, ESA ESTEC

Decadal New Frontiers Assessment
Sushil Atreya, University of Wisconsin

Decadal Technology Assessment
Pat Beauchamp, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Decadal R&A and Infrastructure Assessment
David Williams, Arizona State University

Advanced Technology Large-Aperture Space Telescope
Kenneth Sembach, Space Telescope Science Institute

Space Technology Roadmaps
Pat Beauchamp, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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