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May 2006 OPAG Meeting


Thursday, May 4

8:30 Welcome and Meeting Overview
Bill McKinnon, Washington University
8:45 Cassini Status
Dennis Matson, JPL
9:15 Juno Status
Scott Bolton, SWRI
9:30 Science Open Mike and Discussion

Cassini Radar Results at Titan
Jupiter's White (now Red) Oval
Astrobiology Science Conference

10:00 Europa Overview
Ron Greeley, Arizona State University
10:20 Europa Science Objectives
Bob Pappalardo, University of Colorado
10:35 Europa Explorer Mission Study
Karla Clark, JPL
11:00 NASA/ESA Europa Group
Gerhard Schwehm (ESA)
  ESA Jovian Exploration Technology Reference Studies
Peter Faulkner and Alessandro Atzei
11:30 Titan Montgolfiere Mission Study
Kim Reh, JPL
1:15 Uranus Equinox Workshop Briefing
Heidi Hammel, SSI
1:30 RPS Program
Ajay Misra, NASA Headquarters
2:00 DSN
Bob Preston and Les Deutsch, JPL
2:45 In Space Propulsion Program
Rae Ann Meyer, MSFC
  Technology Open Mike and Discussion

MIDAS Advanced Remote Sensing Payload
Ganymede Exploration Orbiter

4:30 Wrap Up and Agenda for Friday
Bill McKinnon, Washington University
5:00 Special Screening of "Europa: Mysteries of the Ice Moon"
Friday, May 5
8:30 SMD/PSS Meeting Report
Fran Baganel, OPAG Chair

Discussion: R&A Programs, Missions, etc.

9:30 Solar System Roadmap Update
Jim Cutts, JPL
10:00 Outer Planets Science Strategy Document
Fran Bagenal, OPAG Chair
10:45 Primitive Bodies: Missions
Mike A'hearn, Uniiversity of Maryland
11:15 Primitive Bodies: Ground Based Astronomy
Mike Brown, CalTech
1:00 Enceladus: Case for a mission
Andy Ingersoll, Caltech
1:30 Discussion
Fran Bagenal, OPAG Chair
2:00 EPO and OPAG
Fran Bagenal, OPAG Chair
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