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June 2005 OPAG Meeting


Thursday, June 9

8:30 Welcome and Meeting Overview,
Fran Bagenal, OPAG Chair
9:15 Juno
Scott Bolton (SWRI) PI
9:45 Solar System Roadmap Update
APIO Summary
NASA Strategic Objectives for 2005 and Beyond
Deriving SSE Roadmap Objectives from Current Resource Documents
Melissa McGrath, Solar System Roadmap Committee (MSFC)
10:45 Science Themes/Objectives Splinter Groups
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Science Themes/Objectives Splinter Groups
3:00 Plenary
Fran Bagenal, OPAG Chair
4:00 Science Update: Giant Planet Atmospheres
Andy Ingersoll

Friday, June 10

8:30 Technology Development Strategy
Jim Robinson (NASA HQ)
9:00 ESA Status
Gerhard Schwehm (ESA)
9:30 Neptune Vision Studies
Aerocapture Implementation of NASA's "Neptune Orbiter with Probes"
Neptune Orbiter with Probes
Andy Ingersoll and Bernie Bienstock
10:30 Deep Atmospheric Probes Study
Tibor Balint (JPL)
11:00 New Horizons 2 Mission Concept
SSE Decadal Suvey and New Horizons: A Rough Start
New Horizons Is New Frontiers
Alan Stern (SWRI)
1:00 Unified Europa Orbiter Study
Ron Greeley, SWG Chair (ASU) – Europa Science Working Group
Jackie Green, Study Lead (JPL)
Europa Geophysical Explorer Mission Concept
Science Traceability and Payloads
1:45 Titan Orbiter and Rover Studies
Rob Abelson, Study Lead (JPL)
2:30 Science Working Group Splinter Groups
4:00 AOB, Wrap Up, Action Items, Schedule
Fran Bagenal, OPAG Chair